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Michel Vattan, France

Michel Vattan 'M-K' Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre

Michel Vattan 'M-K' Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre

Michel Vattan 'M-K' Sauvignon Blanc - Sancerre, France

Dive into the elegance of Sancerre with the 2022 Michel Vattan 'M-K' Sauvignon Blanc, a testament to the rich heritage and meticulous winemaking that defines Domaine Michel Vattan.

Product Details:

  • Grape Varietal: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • Region: Maimbray – Sury en Vau, Loire Valley, France
  • Soil Type: A masterful blend from Kimmeridgian marls ("terres blanches"), benefiting from the age-old wisdom of vines that are 50 years old on average. A testament to sustainable viticulture, with grass grown between rows for over a decade to enhance wine quality.
  • Production Area: 1.40 Hectares
  • Annual Production: 9,600 bottles
  • Altitude: 220 meters
  • Exposure: Northwest
  • Harvest: Manual, ensuring the highest quality of grape selection.

Vinification Insight:

Crafted with passion, the 'M-K' cuvée underwent meticulous processing, including sorting, fine settling of the must, and the reincorporation of second press juice to capture the essence of Sancerre. Vinification with neutral yeasts preserved the natural bouquet, while temperature control ensured the wine's finesse and terroir expression.

Tasting Notes:

Unveil a palette of pale gold shimmering with silver highlights, leading to a sensory journey marked by grassy gooseberry notes. The palate unfolds with soft, open flavors, textured fruit, and a hint of bitterness that culminates in an energetic finish, promising to evolve beautifully in the bottle.


Versatile and expressive, this wine pairs delightfully with white and red roast meats, cold cuts, grilled dishes, and cheese, offering a harmonious complement to various culinary experiences.

Domaine Michel Vattan:

Rooted in tradition since 1930, the estate has flourished under the guidance of Michel Vattan and Pascal Joulin, embracing environmentally conscious practices to produce wines that resonate with the appellation's typicity and respect for nature.

Embrace the legacy and innovation that define the 2022 Michel Vattan 'M-K' Sauvignon Blanc, a Sancerre that captures the soul of its terroir and the artistry of its makers.


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