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Mazzei 'Tenuta Belguardo' Vermentino Bianco, Toscana IGT, Italy

Mazzei 'Tenuta Belguardo' Vermentino Bianco, Toscana IGT, Italy

A Gem from the Tuscan Sun: 2017 Mazzei 'Tenuta Belguardo' Vermentino

A Legacy Carved in Tuscan Maremma

The Tenuta Belguardo estate, nestled between the picturesque hills of Grosseto and Montiano, is a testament to the Mazzei family's enduring legacy in the heart of Tuscan Maremma. Acquired in the mid-'90s, this 80-hectare jewel, with half its expanse dedicated to meticulously selected vineyards, epitomizes the symbiosis between land, heritage, and viticultural excellence. The estate's strategic replanting initiative, focused on varietals and clones, underscores a commitment to harnessing the unique terroir that has long defined this storied region.

Viticultural Virtuosity

Belguardo's viticultural prowess is displayed across 34 hectares of vineyards, where local and international vines flourish in a unique microclimate kissed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. The soil's rich composition, a blend of Albanese and sandstone, alongside a planting density of 5,500 to 6,600 plants per hectare, facilitates the cultivation of grapes that yield wines of remarkable complexity and elegance. Situated 100 to 180 meters above sea level with a south/south-west exposure, the vineyards benefit from the sea's cooling breezes, which balance the sun's warmth to cultivate grapes of high aromatic intensity.

2017 Vintage: A Testament to Resilience

The 2017 vintage of Mazzei 'Tenuta Belguardo' Vermentino stands as a beacon of resilience amid challenging climatic conditions. Characterized by limited rainfall and elevated temperatures, these adverse conditions were met with meticulous vineyard management, ensuring a harvest of perfectly healthy grapes. This Vermentino, embodying the Mazzei philosophy, showcases the varietal's inherent minerality and freshness, a tribute to its Tyrrhenian terroir.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Sensations

  • Region: Maremma, Toscana, Italy
  • Varietal: Vermentino
  • ABV: 13.0%
  • Color: Soft yellow with green reflections
  • Aroma: A delicate bouquet of stone-fruits and mineral nuances
  • Palate: A harmonious blend of yellow peach, jasmine, and wet stone, complemented by crisp acidity and a vibrant finish
  • Production Details:
    • Harvest: Handpicked from August 22nd
    • Fermentation Temperature: 15°C
    • Bottling: February 2018
    • Release: March 2018
    • Production: 74,000 bottles

Culinary Companions: A Versatile Pairing

This Vermentino's sapidity and exotic fruit palette make it a versatile companion to various dishes. From seafood and risotto to pasta with vegetables, fish soups, and grilled fish, it enhances the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. Its pleasant minerality also pairs beautifully with fresh cheeses, white meats, and grilled vegetables, making it a staple for any gastronomic occasion.

The 2017 Mazzei 'Tenuta Belguardo' Vermentino is more than a wine; it's a journey through the heart of Tuscany, offering a taste of the land's rich history, the Mazzei family's dedication to quality, and the unique terroir of Maremma.


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