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Freemark Abbey Winery

Freemark Abbey 'Stagecoach Vineyard' Merlot, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley, California

Freemark Abbey 'Stagecoach Vineyard' Merlot, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley, California

🍷 2017 Freemark Abbey Winery 'Stagecoach Vineyard' Merlot, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley: A Napa Valley Treasure in Denver's Wine Collection 🏔️

Denver's wine lovers, experience the elegance of Napa Valley with the 2017 Freemark Abbey Winery 'Stagecoach Vineyard' Merlot. This exquisite wine, originating from the renowned Stagecoach Vineyard in Napa Valley, is a luxurious addition to any wine collection.

A Napa Valley Gem: This Merlot, with its deep red ruby color, exemplifies the balance of fruit, body, tannin, and acidity that Napa Valley wines are celebrated for. The aromas are a complex blend of dried cranberry, red raspberry, and Santa Rosa plum, complemented by notes of cedar, coconut, coffee, black pepper, sage, and other spices.

Tasting Experience: On the palate, the wine reveals dark cherry and plum flavors, supported by a well-resolved tannin structure. The depth of fruit and richness of flavor create a lingering, memorable finish.

Winemaking Details: The wine is 100% Merlot with a pH of 3.41 and an alcohol content of 14.70%. Harvested on September 20, 2016, it was aged for 15.7 months in French barrels from World Cooperage, with 34% new wood.

Your Denver Experience: At an exceptional value, this Merlot is a perfect choice for those in Denver seeking a luxurious wine experience. Whether for a special occasion or as an addition to your wine collection, the 2017 Freemark Abbey 'Stagecoach Vineyard' Merlot brings you the best of Napa Valley.

Indulge in Napa's Finest: Ready to savor a slice of Napa Valley's winemaking excellence? Add this 2017 Merlot to your collection and enjoy a wine that's as rich and complex as Denver's own culture. Cheers to the sophistication and depth of fine wine! 🍷✨


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