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DFV Vinhos

DFJ Vinhos Vega, Douro, Portugal

DFJ Vinhos Vega, Douro, Portugal

Vega 2020 Red Blend

Named after the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, Vega celebrates Portugal's rich heritage of discovery and navigation. Just as Vega guided explorers at night, this wine guides you through a delightful tasting experience. Crafted by the esteemed winemaker José Neiva Correia, this red blend from the Douro region embodies the essence of Portuguese viticulture with its vibrant flavors and elegant finish.

Product Details:

  • Harvest: 2020
  • Color: Red
  • Winemaker: José Neiva Correia
  • Country: Portugal
  • Region: Douro DOC
  • Grape Varieties: Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz
  • ABV: 12%
  • Vinification Method: Classic fermentation with selective extractive enzymes and active dry yeasts, fermentation up to 30ºC initially, then down to 20ºC. Post-fermentation cap plunging for 30 days.
  • Ageing: 3 months in new French Allier oak barrels, plus 3 months in bottle.
  • Technical Analysis:
    • Volume at 20ºC g/cm3: 0.9936
    • Dry Extract total g/dm3: 32.8
    • Volatile acidity in A. acid g/l: 0.66
    • Total acidity in TH2 g/l: 5.40
    • Fixed acidity in TH2 g/l: 5.03
    • pH: 3.79
    • SO2 (free/total) mg/l: 39/80

Tasting Notes:
Bright ruby color, aromatic and rich. Full-bodied and structured yet smooth. The palate is voluptuous, offering a full mouthfeel with a long, intense, persistent, and elegant finish.

Serving Suggestions:
Superb on its own, this wine pairs excellently with meat dishes, oily fish, spicy food, Mediterranean cuisine, and cheese. Serve at a temperature of 60-65°F (16-18ºC).

Winemaker's Background:
DFJ Vinhos, a family firm established in 1998, is led by José Neiva Correia, a prolific and innovative winemaker. With estates covering over 600 hectares, DFJ Vinhos operates under a sustainable agriculture regime and boasts an impressive record of global recognition with over 4000 awards since 2010. The winery focuses on creating wines that balance quality, finesse, and pleasure, catering to consumer tastes.

About the Winery and Winemaker:
José Neiva Correia, born in 1949, has roots deep in Portuguese winemaking heritage, descending from generations of winemakers. His creativity and passion for blending different varieties have earned him acclaim, including praise from renowned wine critic Roger Voss. José's philosophy is to find the best in every grape variety, creating blends that provide exceptional pleasure. As a pioneer in environmentally friendly agriculture and innovative viticulture, José continues to push the boundaries of Portuguese winemaking.

Whether producing limited-edition masterpieces or large-volume wines for international markets, José Neiva Correia maintains an unwavering commitment to quality, always striving to deliver the best possible product without pretentiousness.


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