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Buona Notte Wines

Buona Notte 'Panna Cotta' Chardonnay, Columbia Gorge, Oregon

Buona Notte 'Panna Cotta' Chardonnay, Columbia Gorge, Oregon

A Taste of Adventure with Buona Notte 'Panna Cotta' Chardonnay

The 2022 Buona Notte 'Panna Cotta' Chardonnay, hailing from the Columbia Gorge in Oregon, is a unique skin-contact wine inspired by the globe-trotting experiences of the Markel Family. This Chardonnay, sourced from the same Hillside Vineyard in The Dalles as their Merlot, reflects a life rich in travel and culinary exploration. Hand-destemming was essential this year to avoid smoke taint, contributing to its silky texture reminiscent of the Italian dessert, Panna Cotta. Aged in neutral French oak, the wine is left on skins for about two weeks, resulting in a savory, complex character that defines this orange wine.

Culinary Connections

The rich and varied background of the Markel Family, including experiences in Tuscan culinary schools and notable wineries in Oregon's Willamette Valley, has profoundly influenced this wine. The wine's savory profile and 12.5% alcohol content make it an excellent pairing with dishes like mushroom bruschetta, chicken pastilla, saffron chicken, and veal chop with rosemary.

A Winemaker's Journey

Graham Markel's journey from cooking in Boulder, Colorado, to learning winemaking under renowned mentors is reflected in the wine's thoughtful craftsmanship. His time living at Hiyu Wine Farm in Hood River, Oregon, opened up a world of winemaking possibilities, exploring a range of varietals in the diverse microclimates of the Columbia Gorge.

Oregon's Gastronomic Poetry

Buona Notte wines celebrate the Pacific Northwest's rich culinary culture, a blend of Portland's unique food scene and the renowned wines of the Willamette Valley. Graham's passion for cooking and boundary-pushing creativity in food and wine is evident in each Buona Notte 'Panna Cotta' Chardonnay bottle.

In conclusion, the Buona Notte 'Panna Cotta' Chardonnay is more than just a wine; it's a testament to a life of exploration, a love for culinary arts, and a dedication to winemaking. The Wine Dispensary team invites you to savor this exceptional Chardonnay, a wine that captures the essence of its Oregon roots and the adventurous spirit of its creators. Cheers to a wine that brings the joy of its journey into every glass!


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