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Atalaya, Spain

Bodegas Atalaya 'Laya' Grenache, Almansa, Spain

Bodegas Atalaya 'Laya' Grenache, Almansa, Spain

Ah, the Laya – a wine that dares to blend the audacious Garnacha Tintorera with the robust Monastrell, all hailing from the dizzying heights of 700 to 1,000 meters in Almansa. Picture this: vineyards perched atop sandy soils, flirting with a limestone bedrock. It's not just a setting; it's a statement.

Vinification? A masterful solo performance in stainless steel tanks – because, let's be honest, who needs oak when you've got attitude? The Garnacha Tintorera and Monastrell grapes don't mingle until they absolutely have to, ensuring a maceration and fermentation that's as controlled as a ballet.

Post-malolactic fermentation, this concoction rests in stainless steel, biding its time, building its character. The result? A wine that's not just a drink but a narrative. It's complexity and structure with an intense cherry hue that's as bold as it is beautiful.

Nose: Think of it as an olfactory sonnet. Elegant, fresh, complex – ripe fruits dancing with floral notes in a sensory promenade.

Palate: It starts off all pleasant and fresh, then bam! Sweet tannins sweep you off your feet, unctuous and enveloping, culminating in a mid-palate revelation and a lingering finish.

Pairing? This isn't your average, everyday wine. It's a gastronomic chameleon. Game meat, creamy rice dishes, stewed legumes, mushrooms, even smoked cheeses – this wine doesn't just accompany your meal; it elevates it.

Storage: A place devoid of foreign odors, please. Keep it cooler than a cat in sunglasses – below 64.4 ºF (18 ºC) – with controlled humidity.

Serving Temperature: To fully relish its bravado, serve between 59 ºF (15 ºC) and 64.4 ºF (18 ºC). Any cooler and you'll miss the show, any warmer and you'll drown the performance.


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