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Tequila Corazon 'Single Estate' Anejo Tequila

Tequila Corazon 'Single Estate' Anejo Tequila

Tequila Corazon 'Single Estate' Añejo

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Nestled in the heart of Jalisco's highlands, the Tequila Corazon 'Single Estate' Añejo embodies the spirit of Casa San Matias's ancestral lands. With an unwavering commitment to quality, this premium añejo tequila is a testament to the dedication and passion of its creators. It captures the essence of its terroir, utilizing 100% blue Weber agave nurtured to perfection, reflecting the unique characteristics imparted by the rich, iron oxide-laden soil and the dramatic temperature shifts that hallmark this region.

Product Details:

  • Region: Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico
  • Varietal: 100% Blue Weber Agave
  • Aging: 16-18 months in American Oak
  • Alcohol: 40% Alc/vol (80 Proof)

A Symphony of Senses

Upon opening a Tequila Corazon 'Single Estate' Añejo bottle, you are greeted with a verdant aroma reminiscent of a lush, green forest, intricately laced with a symphony of spice box notes. This medium amber spirit dances lightly on the palate, offering a savory and aromatic blend of spiced tobacco, charred moss, and coffee. Its subtlety and focus are a testament to the meticulous aging process in American oak barrels, which imparts a complex yet harmonious character to the tequila.

Crafting Excellence Through Sustainability

The story of Tequila Corazon is one of heritage, innovation, and sustainable practices. For over 130 years, the distillery has honed the art of tequila making, staying true to the original family recipe while embracing new aging techniques to enchant tequila aficionados. Under the stewardship of Carmen Villarreal, Casa San Matias respects the tradition and leads in environmental responsibility. From being the first tequila distillery to engage with the United Nations' carbon footprint program to using an onsite biodigester, every step in creating Tequila Corazon 'Single Estate' Añejo reflects a commitment to excellence and ecological stewardship.

A Celebratory Sip:

With accolades from the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition and the World Drink Awards, Tequila Corazon 'Single Estate' Añejo is celebrated in every sip. It pairs exquisitely with rich, savory dishes, elevating moments into memories. This añejo invites you to explore the depths of its flavor, either neat or as the cornerstone of a sophisticated cocktail. Embrace the artistry, passion, and innovation in each bottle, and let Tequila Corazon 'Single Estate' Añejo be the heart of your celebration.


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