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Prolijo 'Espadin Joven' Artesanal Mezcal, Oaxaca, Mexico

Prolijo 'Espadin Joven' Artesanal Mezcal, Oaxaca, Mexico

Prolijo 'Espadín Joven' Artesanal Mezcal, Oaxaca, Mexico

Overview: Prolijo 'Espadín Joven' Artesanal Mezcal is a tribute to the rich traditions and culture of Oaxaca, Mexico. Crafted with passion and dedication, this mezcal embodies the artistry of the region, providing a smooth and approachable introduction to the world of mezcal.

Product Details:

  • Maestra Mezcalero: Victoria Mendez Gomez
  • Region: San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca
  • Agave: Semi-cultivated Espadín, grown in the lowlands (Maturity 8 to 10 years)
  • ALC/VOL: 43%

Sensory Description: Prolijo 'Espadín Joven' enchants the senses with a vibrant array of aromas and flavors. On the nose, it presents a captivating bouquet of woody, fruity, citrusy, and floral notes. The palate is greeted with earthy and sweet nuances, accompanied by a mild smokiness and hints of soft minerals. The finish is smooth, leaving a lasting impression of this artisanal spirit’s complexity and depth.

Distiller's Background: Prolijo Mezcal is a family-owned enterprise steeped in the traditions of Oaxaca since 1897. Each bottle of Prolijo is handcrafted using time-honored methods, ensuring the authenticity and quality of their mezcals. Under the expert guidance of Maestra Mezcalero Victoria Mendez Gomez, the mezcal is produced with meticulous care, from selecting the finest agave to the traditional distillation processes. Prolijo is committed to organic cultivation, growing Agaves Espadín, Tobalá, and Madrecuishe to create their premium mezcals.

Serving Suggestions: Prolijo 'Espadín Joven' is best enjoyed neat to fully appreciate its intricate flavors and smooth finish. Serve it at room temperature in a traditional copita or small glass. This mezcal also pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes, including grilled seafood, spicy salsas, and Oaxacan cuisine such as tlayudas and mole. For a refreshing twist, it can be used as a base for cocktails like the classic mezcal margarita or a smoky paloma. This versatile spirit is perfect for both mezcal enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


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