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Colterris Winery

Colterris Winery 'Festival White' Plum Creek Heritage Collection White Blend, Grand Valley, Colorado

Colterris Winery 'Festival White' Plum Creek Heritage Collection White Blend, Grand Valley, Colorado

2022 Colterris Winery 'Festival White' Plum Creek Heritage Collection White Blend

A Symphony in a Bottle: The Harmony of Heritage and Innovation

Nestled in the lush, picturesque landscapes of the Grand Valley AVA on Colorado's Western Slope lies a vineyard where the legacy of Plum Creek Winery intertwines with the pioneering spirit of Colterris Winery. This fusion marks the birth of the 2022 Plum Creek Winery 'Festival White' White Blend, a testament to the art of winemaking that has evolved under the Plum Creek Heritage Wines label. The collaboration between these two giants has given rise to a wine that celebrates the rich history of Colorado's viticulture and the innovation that propels it into the future.

Product Details:

  • Region: Grand Valley AVA, Colorado
  • Varietal Composition: 36.9% Aromella, 36.9% Itasca, 17.3% Chardonnay, 4.9% Riesling, 4% Pinot Gris
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 12.5%
  • Residual Sugar (RS): 19g/l
  • pH: 3.3
  • Total Acidity (TA): 7.7 g/l

The terroir of the Grand Valley AVA, known for its unique climate and fertile soils, plays a pivotal role in shaping the character of the 'Festival White.' The blend's varietal composition is deliberate, reflecting the vineyard's commitment to embracing traditional and novel grape varieties. This careful selection ensures that each sip offers a glimpse into the heart of Colorado's winemaking heritage while the expertise of the Colterris team adds layers of complexity and finesse.

A Palette of Nature's Finest Hues

On the nose, 'Festival White dances with floral notes of lemongrass, pineapple, and honeydew, setting the stage for a sensory journey that is both exhilarating and comforting. The palate is a vibrant canvas painted with the bright fruitfulness of pear, apple, white peach, and pink grapefruit, culminating in a crescendo of flavors that echo the festive spirit of summer gatherings.

The Legacy Continues

The union of Plum Creek and Colterris is more than just a merger; it's a celebration of Colorado's winemaking journey from its humble beginnings to its current status as a beacon of quality and innovation. The 'Festival White' is a tribute to Plum Creek pioneers, their vision, and their relentless pursuit of excellence that paved the way for the future of Colorado's premium wine industry.

A Celebratory Sip:

This wine is perfect for those moments that call for celebration, reflection, or simply the joy of being together. Pair it with light summer fare—think grilled seafood, fresh salads, or fruit-based desserts—for a harmonious dining experience. Or, let it stand alone as a testament to the craftsmanship and legacy it represents.

As you raise a glass of the 2022 Colterris Winery 'Festival White' Plum Creek Heritage Collection White Blend, you're not just tasting a wine but indulging in a piece of Colorado's winemaking history. We invite you to visit the Colterris Collections at the historic Plum Creek Winery location in Palisade, where you can explore over 16,000 pieces of wine memorabilia and savor the essence of 100% estate-grown, produced, and bottled wines. Cheers to the pioneers, the innovators, and every sip that brings us closer to the beauty of the vine.


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