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Lágrimas del Valle

Lágrimas del Valle 'El Chiqueno' Plata Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

Lágrimas del Valle 'El Chiqueno' Plata Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

Lágrimas del Valle 'El Chiqueño' Plata Tequila

Discover the unparalleled purity and essence of the Jalisco valley with Lágrimas del Valle' El Chiqueño' Plata Tequila. This exceptional spirit celebrates terroir and tradition, meticulously crafted to capture the unique character of its single ranch origin in Amatitan, Jalisco.

Production Excellence:

  • NOM: 1123
  • Agave Type: Tequilana Weber, harvested from the fertile lands of the Tequila Valley.
  • Region: Los Valles, Jalisco, Mexico.
  • Cooking: Traditional Stone/Brick Ovens ensure the agave's natural sweetness is perfectly preserved.
  • Extraction: A combination of Tahona and Roller Mill processes extracts the purest agave nectar.
  • Water Source: Deep well water enriches the tequila with its mineral complexity.
  • Fermentation: Utilizes wood and stainless steel tanks, embracing open-air and controlled fermentations with and without fibers.
  • Distillation: Double distilled in stainless pot stills with copper coils, reflecting the essence of pure tequila.
  • ABV/Proof: Boldly presented at 46% abv (92-proof) to enhance its robust flavor profile.

A Taste of Amatitan:

'El Chiqueño' finds its roots south of the Rio Santiago, nestled in the warm climate of Amatitan. This plata tequila shines with notes of cooked agave, fresh citrus oil, and a distinctive minerality reminiscent of the local mangos and ciruela that flourish alongside the agave.

Terroir-Driven Distinction:

Lágrimas del Valle is a testament to the belief in agave terroir - the unique environment where the agave grows imparts irreplaceable qualities to the spirit. Each vintage and single ranch selection showcases the diversity and complexity of the Blue Weber Agave, making each bottle a unique exploration of place and time.

Crafted with Heritage:

In collaboration with the esteemed Rosales family of Tequila Cascahuin, Salvador "Chava" Rosales Trejo brings forth generations of distilling traditions dating back to 1904. 'El Chiqueño' is not just a tequila; it is a tribute to the tears of the valley - the transformation of agave into the purest expression of tequila.

Savor the Unique:

With its elevation at 1,260 meters and an average agave Brix of 46%, 'El Chiqueño' Plata Tequila promises a drinking experience that is bold, complex, and unrivaled. Each bottle, a vintage from the single ranch of Palo Verde, invites connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to delve into the rich tapestry of flavors that only an authentic terroir-focused tequila can offer.

Lágrimas del Valle' El Chiqueño' Plata Tequila is not just a spirit; it's a journey through the heart of Jalisco, capturing the soul of its land and the essence of its agave. Experience the purity, the tradition, and the artistry with every sip.


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