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Funkwerks Brewing

Funkwerks 'Saison' Belgian Style Ale, Fort Collins, Colorado

Funkwerks 'Saison' Belgian Style Ale, Fort Collins, Colorado


Funkwerks 'Saison' Belgian Style Ale


Spring in Colorado calls for the crisp, refreshing taste of Funkwerks 'Saison' Belgian Style Ale. Crafted in the heart of Fort Collins, Funkwerks delivers a snappy, yeast-driven saison with a distinctive peppery profile that sets it apart. Perfect for your warm-weather adventures, this beer is a testament to what a true saison can be.

Product Details:

  • ABV: 6.8%
  • Serving Temperature: 45–53°F (7–12°C)

Sensory Description:

Pouring a hazy, lemony yellow with a robust off-white head, this saison captivates with its appearance. The foam lingers, forming Champagne-like bubbles and solid lacing. On the nose, expect a complex blend of white and black pepper, vanilla, almond, tangerine, passion fruit, and fresh oranges, creating a vibrant and generous aroma. The carbonation is precise, lifting the flavors of black pepper, almonds, tangerine, and citrusy lemon verbena. A smooth, herbaceous palate with tiny-bubbled carbonation makes each sip a pleasure. Firm bitterness balances out soft, caramelized notes that could develop with aging.

Brewer's Background:

Founded by Gordon Schuck and Brad Lincoln, Funkwerks emerged from a meeting at the Siebel Institute in Chicago. Starting with backyard test batches in 2009, they quickly scaled up to a 15-barrel system and opened their taproom in December 2010. Funkwerks' dedication to crafting Belgian-style saisons earned them prestigious awards, including multiple medals at the Great American Beer Festival and the title of Small Brewing Company of the Year in 2012. Specializing in highly attenuated, spicy saisons, Funkwerks has become a beacon of quality in the craft beer world.

Serving Suggestions:

Enjoy Funkwerks 'Saison' slightly chilled, between 45–53°F. This versatile beer pairs excellently with soft, creamy, ripened cow's milk cheeses, enhancing the beer’s complex flavors. Allow it to warm slightly in the glass to fully appreciate its intricate aroma and taste profile. Whether you're exploring the Colorado outdoors or relaxing at home, this saison is a perfect companion for any springtime adventure.


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