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Diebolt 'Cosmic Cowgirl Vol. 6' Juicy Double IPA, Denver, Colorado

Diebolt 'Cosmic Cowgirl Vol. 6' Juicy Double IPA, Denver, Colorado

Star-Hopping with Diebolt's Cosmic Cowgirl Vol. 6: A Juicy Double IPA Odyssey

Galactic Quest for Hoppiness

Embark on an interstellar adventure with Diebolt Brewing's Cosmic Cowgirl Vol. 6, a Juicy Double IPA that transcends the ordinary. Born from the depths of Denver, Colorado, this brew is a beacon for those who crave the unexplored realms of taste and aroma. Cosmic Cowgirl is not just a beer; she's a legend, navigating the cosmos in search of the most elusive and compelling hops the universe has to offer. Her adventures grow more daring with each volume, and Vol. 6 promises an epic journey through hop-infused galaxies.

Volume 6: A New Hop Frontier

In this latest installment, Cosmic Cowgirl faces off against a formidable quartet of hop varieties: Motueka, Wai-it, NZH-214, and Phantasm. These hops are the stars of the show, each contributing unique characteristics that blend to create a Juicy Double IPA of cosmic proportions. Expect a flavor profile as vast and varied as the cosmos, with notes spanning tropical fruit to zesty citrus, underscored by an ethereal, phantasmagoric essence.

Vital Stats for the Voyage

  • Original Gravity (OG): 1.068
  • International Bitterness Units (IBU): 35
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 7.5%

These metrics are a beacon for beer enthusiasts, indicating a brew of substantial body with a balanced bitterness while carrying a potent punch of alcohol content perfect for those looking to explore the outer limits of flavor.

Diebolt Brewing: A Legacy of Craft and Innovation

Diebolt Brewing stands as a monument to the art of craft brewing, housed within a historic brick tower that once served as a government meat packaging facility. At the heart of this 8,000 sq/ft production facility is a 15-barrel brewhouse, bolstered by a fleet of 15 and 30-barrel tanks. This setup affords Diebolt a formidable capacity of 210 barrels, ensuring a steady flow of innovative brews.

Diebolt's brewing saga is a family legacy, tracing back to champagne-making cousins in France through generations of grape pressing and homebrewing, culminating in the establishment of Diebolt Brewing Company in the summer of 2013. Situated in North Denver's burgeoning Sunnyside neighborhood, Diebolt Brewing has evolved alongside the dynamic tastes of its patrons, continually adapting and innovating while honoring its rich French ancestry through beer.

A Taste of the Unknown

Cosmic Cowgirl Vol. 6 is a testament to Diebolt Brewing's dedication to a limited edition, historically inspired brews that push the boundaries of conventional beer. Self-distributed in cans, bottles, and kegs throughout Denver-Metro and the Front Range of Colorado, each sip of Cosmic Cowgirl is a journey through time and space, inviting adventurers to tune in to Diebolt for the next chapter in this cosmic saga.

Cosmic Cowgirl Vol. 6: Where Will the Adventure Take You?

As Cosmic Cowgirl blazes trail across the star-studded expanse, Vol. 6 invites you to join the adventure. Discover the juicy secrets hidden within this Double IPA, and let your taste buds soar through the hoppy cosmos. With Diebolt Brewing, the universe is not the limit—it's just the beginning.


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