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Derrumbes San Luis Potosi Mezcal

Derrumbes San Luis Potosi Mezcal

High Plateau Heritage: Derrumbes San Luis Potosí Mezcal

Derrumbes San Luis Potosí Mezcal is a distinguished expression of the unique terroir and wild agave Salmiana native to the high-altitude Central Mexican Plateau of San Luis Potosí. Crafted with passion and precision by Maestro Mezcalero Juan Manuel Pérez Juárez in the village of Charcas, this mezcal offers a vibrant and floral homage to its origins, embodying the essence of its surroundings with a flavor profile that is as distinctive as it is profound.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Derrumbes San Luis Potosí is meticulously produced from wild agave Salmiana, known for its low yield but vibrant flavor profile, necessitating up to four times as much agave as typically used in tequila production. The mezcal is distilled in small copper pot stills, following traditional methods that include cooking the agave in above-ground ovens (hornos), thus avoiding the smoky characteristics often associated with mezcal. The result is a floral, herbaceous spirit with a unique sweetness and an unmistakable chalky terroir note, thanks to the calcareous soils in which the agave thrives.

Sensory Perception

  • Nose: Herbal and floral, with a unique freshness attributed to the wild agave Salmiana, complemented by chalky notes that speak to the mezcal's distinct terroir.
  • Palate: A beautiful balance of herbaceous and floral notes with a subtle sweetness, underscored by the earthy, mineral qualities of the calcareous soil.
  • Finish: Delicate yet intense, with a lingering touch of sweetness to balance its earthy complexity.

Unique Characteristics

Derrumbes San Luis Potosí stands out not only for its flavor but also for its sustainable production practices. With a scarcity of trees in San Luis Potosí, Maestro Mezcalero Pérez Juárez innovatively uses dry Salmiana leaves and quotes (the flower stalks of the agave) as fuel, reflecting a deep respect for the environment and a commitment to sustainability. This practice further contributes to the mezcal's unique profile, offering a taste experience deeply connected to its land of origin.

Pairings and Occasions

This mezcal is ideally enjoyed neat, allowing its complex bouquet and flavor profile to shine. It pairs wonderfully with dishes that complement its herbaceous and floral notes, such as grilled seafood or a fresh, citrusy ceviche. Derrumbes San Luis Potosí is perfect for special occasions or as a gift for the discerning spirits aficionado, inviting a deeper appreciation for the art of mezcal making and the rich biodiversity of Mexico.

In Essence

Derrumbes San Luis Potosí Mezcal is more than just a spirit; it explores the unique characteristics that define the Central Mexican Plateau's mezcal. From its artisanal production methods to the sustainable practices employed by Maestro Mezcalero Juan Manuel Pérez Juárez, this mezcal celebrates heritage, craftsmanship, and the vibrant flavor of the wild agave Salmiana. Embark on a journey through time and tradition with every sip of Derrumbes San Luis Potosí, and experience the unparalleled essence of its high plateau heritage.


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