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Weingut Netzl

Christina Netzl 'Christina' Gruner Veltliner, Austria

Christina Netzl 'Christina' Gruner Veltliner, Austria

In the heart of Austria's Carnuntum region, Christina Netzl and her dedicated family have embraced the art of winemaking with a fervor that has spanned generations. At the core of their vineyard lies the Gruner Veltliner grape, a varietal that thrives under the unique climatic conditions provided by their cherished homeland. With her deep-rooted passion for viticulture, Christina has mastered the delicate balance of tradition and innovation, yielding wines that reflect their terroir and forward-thinking in their environmental stewardship.

A Legacy Rooted in Organic Viticulture

  • Location: Göttlesbrunn, Carnuntum, Austria
  • Winemaker: Christina Netzl and her family
  • Vineyard Management: Proudly certified organic, a testament to their commitment to sustainable farming practices
  • Soil Composition: Loess, providing the ideal foundation for the Gruner Veltliner vines to flourish

The vineyard's practices are a testament to the Netzl family's dedication to preserving the integrity of their land and the quality of their wines. Hand-harvesting, spontaneous fermentation, and aging in old oak vats are a few methods employed to ensure each bottle encapsulates the essence of their vision.

Gruner Veltliner Wine Details: A Harmony of Aromas and Flavors

Christina's Gruner Veltliner is a celebration of Austria's most beloved grape. Warm Pannonian days, cool nights, and the gentle caress of winds from the Danube River create an idyllic environment for these grapes to develop their distinctive profile. The result is a wine that beautifully marries ripeness with refreshing cherry aromas and a juicy palate.

  • Grape: 100% Gruner Veltliner
  • Cellar Approach: The grapes are carefully hand-harvested and destemmed into stainless steel tanks for a slow, spontaneous fermentation. Following this, the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in old oak vats, where it matures for four additional months, enhancing its complexity and depth.
  • Personality: Echoing Christina's enthusiasm, this Gruner Veltliner shines with a light red hue tinged with purple, bursting with juicy cherry aromas, red berries, and a palate that is both soft and silky. The tannins are gentle, leading to a fresh and lively finish.

Pairings and Occasions: A Versatile Companion

Christina recommends lightly chilled Gruner Veltliner, allowing its full spectrum of flavors to unfold. Its versatility makes it an impeccable match for various dishes, from light salads and seafood to heartier fare, such as grilled chicken or vegetable stir-fries. Whether a casual gathering with friends or a more formal dining experience, this wine promises to elevate the occasion with its elegance and charm.

A Tribute to Tradition and Innovation

Christina Netzl's Gruner Veltliner is more than just a wine; it reflects a family's love for their land, a commitment to organic farming, and a celebration of Austrian winemaking at its finest. In every bottle, you'll discover a story of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence, making it a cherished addition to any wine lover's collection.


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