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Casal Garcia

Casal Garcia Branco White Blend, Vinho Verde, Portugal

Casal Garcia Branco White Blend, Vinho Verde, Portugal

Vinho Verde's Vibrant Virtuoso: Casal Garcia Branco

History and Pedigree:

Embodying the essence of Vinho Verde, Casal Garcia Branco emerges from Portugal's lush, verdant landscapes. Crafted by Aveleda, a beacon of quality and innovation, this white blend is heralded as the world's number one Vinho Verde, gracing tables in over 70 countries. With a lineage steeped in the tradition of Portuguese winemaking, its winemaker Diogo Campilho skillfully harmonizes a quartet of native grapes—Trajadura, Loureiro, Arinto, and Fernão Pires—into a symphony of lightness and joy.

Production Highlights:

The journey from grape to glass is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Selecting only the finest fruit from Vinho Verde's esteemed locales, the wine undergoes gentle pressing and fermentation at controlled temperatures, preserving its delicate, fruity essence. This vigilant process, culminating in careful filtration and cold stabilization, encapsulates the quintessence of its varietals.

Product Details:

At a modest 9.5% alcohol volume, Casal Garcia Branco is a beacon of refreshment. Recognizable by its distinctive blue-toned bottle and original label, it celebrates Portuguese winemaking heritage and innovation.

Sensory Perception:

Dive into a cascade of freshness with every sip; a harmonious blend of citrus and tropical fruits dances across the palate, embodying the wine's smooth, irresistible charm. Light, fresh, and exuberantly cheerful, it's a wine designed for the joy of sharing in life's simple pleasures.

Pairings and Occasions:

Perfectly versatile, it shines alongside sushi, chicken, seafood, vegetarian fare or as the highlight of a sun-drenched picnic. Best enjoyed within two years of bottling, served chilled at 8-10ºC in a tulip-shaped tall glass to elevate any gathering into a celebration of ALEGRIA—joy.

Discover the vibrant heart of Portugal with every glass of Casal Garcia Branco, where every moment becomes an occasion to cherish.

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