April 2024 Wine Club Release - Select Tier

April 2024 Wine Club Release - Select Tier

April 2024 Selection: A Mosaic of Terroir and Mastery

This April, the Select Tier of the Wine Club unveils a curated selection that traverses the ancient vineyards of Europe to the innovative estates of South Africa and Austria, each wine embodying the essence of its origin, shaped by the visionary hands of its winemakers.

A Rhône Rarity and South African Elegance

We commence our journey in France with the 2020 Stephane Vedeau' Mademoiselle Du Mont' GSM Blend, a testament to the meticulous craft of biodynamic farming. This limited-production blend, crafted by Stéphane Vedeau, is a harmonious melody of Grenache and Syrah, reflecting the vibrant soul of Southern Rhône with every sip.

Moving to the cool climates of Elgin, South Africa, the 2020 Oak Valley' Sounds of Silence' Pinot Noir offers a narrative of solitude and resilience. Born from the windswept slopes of the Groenland Mountains, this Pinot Noir, with its nuanced interplay of strawberry and earthy notes, is a testament to the pioneering spirit of the Oak Valley Estate.

Austrian Innovation and Venetian Volcanic Heritage

Ascending to the high altitudes of Sudsteiermark, Austria, the 2020 Weingut Schauer 'Kitzeck-Sausal' Sauvignon Blanc encapsulates the essence of its terroir. The Schauer brothers' commitment to organic farming heralds a new chapter in the story of Styrian wine, offering a crisp, mineral-driven Sauvignon Blanc that reflects the unique slate soils of the region.

In the volcanic landscapes of Veneto, Italy, the 2019 Gran Bericanto 'Riserva' Colli Berici Red Blend emerges as a symbol of the region's winemaking renaissance. This robust blend, nurtured by the Cielo family, is a vibrant testament to Veneto's wines' rich volcanic heritage and meticulous craftsmanship.

Spanish Rarity: A White from Ribera del Duero

Concluding our selection, we venture into Spain with the 2021 Ferratus' Blanco' Albillo Mayor from Ribera del Duero. This limited-edition wine, crafted from the rare Albillo Mayor grape, showcases the dedication to innovation and tradition, offering a lush palette of white peach and aromatic herbs, a true luxury in every glass.

A Celebration of Terroir and Winemaking

The April 2024 Select Tier selection celebrates the diverse tapestry of global viticulture, from the heart of France's Rhône Valley to the innovative vineyards of Austria, the volcanic soils of Veneto, and beyond. Each wine, selected for its unique story and exceptional quality, invites you on a journey through the landscapes of tradition and innovation. Join us in savoring these narratives, each a testament to the passion and artistry that define the world of wine.

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