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Schilling Cider House

Schilling Cider House 'Excelsior' Imperial Apple Pie Cider

Schilling Cider House 'Excelsior' Imperial Apple Pie Cider

Schilling Cider House 'Excelsior' Imperial Apple Pie Cider

A Cosmic Journey of Flavor

The Schilling Cider House 'Excelsior' Imperial Apple Pie Cider is truly a marvel of modern cider-making that captures the essence of a classic American dessert with a celestial twist. Infused with the rich, warm flavors of a freshly baked apple pie, each sip of this cider envelops the palate in a sweet yet subtly tart apple essence, accentuated by a comforting blend of baking spices. Imagine the nostalgia of an apple pie combined with the thrill of space exploration—an apple pie launched into orbit!

From Orchard to Orbit: The Craft Behind the Cider

At the heart of Schilling Cider House is a story of innovation and passion for quality that stretches back to the 19th century with the establishment of the Schilling Spice Company by Colin Schilling's great-grandfather. This legacy of prioritizing quality over cost has percolated down through generations, influencing Schilling's approach to cider making. Utilizing 100% fresh-pressed apples, the cider house ensures that each batch of the 'Excelsior' Imperial Apple Pie Cider maintains the integrity and purity of traditional craft cider while introducing bold, imaginative flavors.

Product Details:

  • Region: Auburn, Washington, USA
  • Varietal: 100% fresh-pressed apple cider
  • ABV: 8.4%

A Taste of Tradition and Innovation

Schilling Cider House stands at the intersection of heritage and forward-thinking. By combining heirloom cider-making techniques with cutting-edge innovations like canning and pasteurization processes, they create ciders that are not only unique but also sustainable. The 'Excelsior' Imperial Apple Pie Cider, with its rich, dessert-like character and robust body, exemplifies Schilling's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what cider can be.

The Legacy of a Cider Visionary

Colin Schilling's journey from crafting cider as a teenager to spearheading one of the largest cider operations in the country is a testament to his dedication and strategic thinking. With a focus on quality and sustainability, Schilling Cider House has embraced methods that enhance the environmental friendliness of their production, such as utilizing BPA-free cans and engaging in practices that ensure the sustainability of their ingredients and final products.

A Celebratory Sip: Pairings and Possibilities

Enjoy the Schilling Cider House 'Excelsior' Imperial Apple Pie Cider as a standalone treat or paired with classic fall desserts like vanilla ice cream or cinnamon-spiced crumble. Its robust character also makes it an excellent companion for savory dishes such as roasted pork or turkey, where its fruity spice complements the rich flavors. Whether you're toasting a special occasion or enjoying a quiet moment of reflection, this cider invites you to savor a slice of Americana with each delightful sip. Discover this innovative blend from Schilling Cider House and experience a new frontier in cider-making.


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