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Dirty Vodka Martini Party Pack

Dirty Vodka Martini Party Pack

Elevate your cocktail game and immerse yourself in the pristine essence of Denver's spirited landscape with our exclusive Dirty Martini Cocktail Party Bundle. Tailored for the discerning cocktail sophisticates (and novices!) of Denver, Colorado, this package is your ticket to mastering the iconic Dirty Martini—a cocktail that artfully balances the allure of savory elegance with a playful twist.

Introducing the Pinnacle of Your Dirty Martini Ensemble:

  • Olive Elegance by Santa Barbara Olive Co.: Embark on a flavor journey to the sun-kissed groves of Southern California with the Santa Barbara Olive Co. Symphony. Each olive embodies the legacy of a tradition spanning over a century, offering a burst of flavors that will transform your Dirty Martini. From the robust Gilroy garlic and the creamy zest of bold blue cheese to the sweet vibrance of California pimento, these olives elevate your cocktail and your culinary experience.
  • The Legacy of Purity: Telluride Distilling Co. Vodka: At the heart of the Rockies, at an elevation of 8,700 feet, Telluride Distilling Co. Vodka shines as a beacon of artisanal excellence. Distilled from 100% cane sugar, this gluten-free vodka offers a smooth, creamy, and velvety mouthfeel that redefines the vodka experience. Its unparalleled smoothness and clarity, achieved through 26 theoretical distillations and a rigorous multi-stage filtration process, capture the essence of Telluride's dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.
  • A Stirring Tale: Dolin Dry Vermouth: Journey through the lush valleys of Savoie, France, with Dolin Dry Vermouth, a veritable masterpiece from the prestigious Vermouth de Chambéry appellation. Crafted from over thirty Alpine botanicals, this vermouth is a harmonious blend that dazzles with its delicate balance and sublime elegance, making it the perfect companion to your Dirty Martini.

Craft Your Ultimate Dirty Martini:

  • Ingredients:
    • 2 1/2 ounces Telluride Distilling Co. Vodka
    • 1/2 ounce Dolin Dry Vermouth
    • 1/2 ounce olive brine from Santa Barbara Olive Co.
    • Garnish: 2 to 4 Santa Barbara Olive Co. olives
  • Steps:
    1. Combine the vodka, vermouth, and olive brine in a shaker filled with ice.
    2. Shake for 15–20 seconds until well chilled.
    3. Double strain through a fine mesh strainer into a chilled cocktail glass.
    4. Garnish with a skewer of Santa Barbara Olive Co. olives.


While tradition may suggest stirring, the Dirty Martini finds its perfect expression in the shake. This method ensures a flawless fusion of ingredients, allowing the olive brine to seamlessly blend with the vodka. The outcome is a martini that's not just a drink but an experience, highlighting the smooth, clean profile of Telluride Distilling Co. Vodka and the elegant complexity of Dolin Dry Vermouth.

This bundle isn't merely about crafting a cocktail; it's an invitation to explore the stories and craftsmanship behind each ingredient. From the historic olive groves of California and the pioneering spirit of Telluride's first legal distillery to the aromatic vermouth cellars of France, we present a curated experience that pays homage to the Dirty Martini's rich heritage and innovative spirit.

Embrace an evening of refined taste, laughter, and exquisite cocktails with our Dirty Martini Cocktail Party Bundle. Whether you're a vodka purist or an enthusiast eager to explore, this package provides everything you need to host an unforgettable gathering that will enchant your sophisticated guests. Here's to a night filled with elegance, exploration, and exceptional martinis. Cheers!

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