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Boulder Spirits

Boulder Spirits American Single Malt Whiskey, Colorado, Bottled in Bond

Boulder Spirits American Single Malt Whiskey, Colorado, Bottled in Bond

Hey, Colorado whiskey aficionados and flavor adventurers! You might have heard the buzz about our Boulder American Single Malt Whiskey Bottled In Bond, and yes, the rumors are true – it's already sold out at the distillery! But don't worry, we've got a few of the last bottles on sale.

A Trailblazing Spirit: We're talking about one of the nation's first Bottled In Bond American single malts. This isn't just whiskey; it's a milestone. Reaching the four-year mark is like hitting the jackpot in the craft distilling world, and boy, did we hit it big! The result? A whiskey that tastes its absolute best with a robust 50% abv.

The Colorado Touch: There's something magical about Colorado's influence on whiskey aging, and our Boulder Single Malt is living proof. Our unique climate has nurtured this spirit into something extraordinary, making it more than just a drink – it's a tribute to our great state.

Tasting Notes: Prepare for a flavor journey with luscious richness and complexity. We're talking dark molasses, toasted bread, hints of faint fig and raspberry, all wrapped up with a finish of cocoa dust. It's aged 4 years and bottled at 100 proof, making each sip a bold statement of quality and character.

Bottled In Bond and Proud: Why does "Bottled In Bond" matter? This historic act set the gold standard for American whiskey, ensuring purity and authenticity. This Boulder Single Malt proudly wears this badge, guaranteeing you're getting a top-tier spirit.

The Bad News: Yes, it's sold out at the distillery already. But the good news? We have a few bottles remaining. This whiskey isn't just a drink. It's a conversation starter, a mood setter, and a testament to Colorado's craft-distilling prowess.

Here's to the high standards, the craft, and the Colorado way. Cheers! 🥃🏔️✨


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