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Our club is now easier than ever, just chat with the team using the chat icon on the screen in the bottom right and our team will be happy to help you manage your membership.
  • Special Selections

    The Wine Dispensary team tastes 100s of wines each month. We select and set aside only the best for our wine club members. Each selection represents the best wines in the store.

  • Somm Says™

    Each club wine features a free digital wine tasting game called Somm Says. This fun, social, educational digital tasting game is perfect for individuals or groups.

  • Discounts & Special Events

    Wine club members benefit from 10% of every order of $20 or more. Members are invited to exclusive events and have access to purchase allocation-only products.

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Wine Club Selections

Wine Club Selections

We unabashedly prioritize our wine club members and set aside the best...