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Baron de Ley, Spain

Baron de Ley 'Varietales' Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain

Baron de Ley 'Varietales' Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain

The Essence of Rioja in a Bottle

The 2019 Baron de Ley 'Varietales' Tempranillo embodies the Rioja region's rich winemaking heritage. Barón de Ley stands as a beacon of quality and tradition in the heart of Spain's most renowned wine region. The winery, housed in a centuries-old monastery, is a testament to the area's deep-rooted history of wine production. Founded in 1985, Barón de Ley has embraced a vineyard-focused approach, drawing inspiration from the French châteaux model, to produce genuinely "de ley" wines - a Spanish expression signifying legitimacy and excellence.

A Tapestry of Terroir and Tradition

Barón de Ley's expansive vineyards, spanning over 600 hectares across various subregions of Rioja, are the cornerstone of their winemaking philosophy. This diversity of terroirs, micro-climates, and grape varieties allows the winery to craft contemporary wines that are true to their roots. Each bottle of Barón de Ley wine reflects the land from which it comes, a celebration of Rioja's essence.

Craftsmanship in Every Bottle

Specializing in Reservas and Grandes Reservas, Barón de Ley has set a new benchmark in Rioja for premium quality wines. The winery's commitment to long oak barrel aging is a nod to the region's winemaking identity, ensuring that each bottle meets the highest quality standards. The innovation and creativity of their winemakers, led by the talented Pablo Tascón, have positioned Barón de Ley as a leader in wine production. Their approach to viticulture and winemaking, including using indigenous grapes and experimental techniques, infuses each wine with a distinct personality and elegance.

2019 Vintage: A Reflection of Rioja's Diversity

The 2019 'Varietales' Tempranillo vividly represents Rioja's unique character. The wine's garnet-red color with violet hues speaks of its vitality and youth. On the nose, intense aromas of red berries and vanilla evoke a sense of warmth and familiarity. The palate is meaty and complex, with a refreshing touch of acidity that ensures a long and satisfying finish. With its elegant and fresh profile, this wine is a perfect companion to Spanish classics like paella or tapas.

A Family's Journey in Winemaking

The story of Barón de Ley is a narrative of family, tradition, and a deep connection to the land. Their journey from small-scale production for family and friends to a renowned winery is a testament to their dedication to the craft of winemaking. The Smith family's background in geology and botany has contributed significantly to their success, bringing a scientific understanding to their agricultural practices. Today, the third generation of the family continues this legacy, embracing the challenges of modern winemaking while staying true to their roots.

The 2019 Baron de Ley 'Varietales' Tempranillo is not just a wine; it's a journey through the heart of Rioja, a reflection of a family's passion for winemaking and a celebration of Spanish winemaking tradition. The Wine Dispensary team invites you to savor this exquisite Tempranillo, a wine that encapsulates the beauty and diversity of Rioja in every sip. Cheers to a wine that's as much about its history as its taste!


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