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Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve 'Double Oaked' Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Kentucky

Woodford Reserve 'Double Oaked' Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Kentucky

Welcome to the world of Woodford Reserve Kentucky 'Double Oaked' Straight Bourbon Whiskey, where sophistication meets a bold, innovative spirit. This isn't just another bourbon; it's a double-barreled masterpiece crafted for those who appreciate the finer, more complex things in life.

With a proof of 90.4°, this bourbon is a statement of strength and character. Its deep amber appearance is a prelude to the richness within. Each nosing reveals a lavish tapestry of dark fruit, caramel, sharp honey, chocolate, marzipan, and toasted oak – a bouquet that intrigues and invites.

But the taste – oh, the taste! It's a full-bodied extravaganza of vanilla, dark caramel, hazelnut, apple, fruit, and spices. Each sip is like delving into a treasure trove of flavors, each more enticing than the last.

And the finish? It's long, creamy, and utterly indulgent, with lingering hints of honeyed apple that stay with you, whispering of the next sip.

This is a bourbon that doesn't just rest on its laurels. Crowned with a Double Gold at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is a testament to innovation in bourbon crafting. Perfect for the discerning whiskey lover with a palate for the extraordinary and a taste for the witty, this bourbon is more than a drink – it's an experience. Here's to the connoisseurs who recognize double the oak means double the pleasure. Cheers!


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