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Press Hard Seltzer

Press Hard Seltzer

Press Hard Seltzer's "Synergy" Mixed Variety Pack

A World of Flavor in One Refreshing Collection

Discover Press Hard Seltzer's crisp, innovative essence with the "Mixed Variety Pack," a curated selection showcasing four of the brand's newest and most imaginative flavor pairings. Founded in 2015 by Amy Walberg, a visionary Midwestern mother of two, Press was born out of a desire to offer a premium alcohol seltzer experience that was absent in the market. Drawing inspiration from global flavors and using all-natural ingredients, this variety pack continues Amy's tradition of creative exploration, offering discerning consumers a taste journey unlike any other.

Product Details:

  • Flavors Included: Watermelon Sea Salt, Peach Rosemary, Guava Rhubarb, Dragon Fruit Lotus
  • ABV: 4%
  • Attributes: All-Natural Ingredients, Low Calorie, Gluten Removed

Flavor Descriptions:

  • Peach Rosemary: Bask in the warmth of sun-drenched peaches, elevated by a whisper of aromatic rosemary for a harmonious blend that delights and refreshes.
  • Dragon Fruit Lotus: Venture into the exotic with creamy dragon fruit, perfectly balanced by the fresh, aquatic notes of lotus, crafting a taste experience that's both unique and invigorating.
  • Guava Rhubarb: Embrace the sultry allure of tropical guava, artfully paired with the tart, tangy edge of rhubarb, creating a vibrant, unforgettable sip.
  • Watermelon Sea Salt: Revel in the quintessence of summer with tantalizing watermelon, enhanced by a hint of sea salt, for a flavor that sparkles with every taste.

Crafted with Care:

At Press, the commitment to quality is paramount. Only natural fruits and spices craft each distinct flavor, ensuring a superior sipping experience that's naturally delicious. Through multi-stage carbon filtration, the meticulous gluten removal process guarantees a crisp, clean taste, while the thoughtful 4% ABV highlights the complex flavor notes without overwhelming the palate.

An Elevated Seltzer Experience:

The "Mixed Variety Pack" is not just a selection of hard seltzers; it's an invitation to explore the unique, the bold, and the innovative. Whether enjoying a moment of solitary reflection or celebrating with friends, this variety pack promises a refreshing escape into a world of flavor. Press Hard Seltzer's commitment to inventive combinations and natural ingredients offers a sophisticated alternative for those seeking something beyond the ordinary.

Embrace the adventure of taste with Press Hard Seltzer's "Mixed Variety Pack" — where every can is a journey, and every sip is a discovery.


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