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Moskovskaya Vodka, Russia

Moskovskaya Vodka, Russia

Ah, sophisticated connoisseurs and vodka aficionados, lend me your ears! Ever heard of Moskovskaya? Of course, you have. But let me give you the scoop on this Russian legend with a twist. Dating back to the good old communist days, this is not just any vodka; it's the vodka that made the Cristall Distillery in Moscow famous. And let's be real, in the world of vodka, Moscow knows a thing or two.

Now, hold on to your monocles, because Moskovskaya isn't just Moskovskaya. It's Moskovskaya Osobaya. 'Osobaya', my friends, means 'special' in Russian. So, what we have here is not just a 'Muscovite' vodka, but a 'Special Muscovite'. Fancy, right?

But wait, there's more. Moskovskaya, this iconic brand, is one of the 43 vodka treasures that were snapped up in 1997 by Sojuzplodimport (S.P.I.). And yes, it’s been caught up in the same legal tangles as its more famous sibling, Stolichnaya. Scandalous, I know.

Here's the kicker: while it's distilled in the land of its birth – Russia – this worldly spirit then takes a little vacation to Latvia for bottling, before gracing our international shelves. So, when you sip on Moskovskaya Osobaya, you're not just enjoying a vodka; you're savoring a piece of history with a side of international intrigue.

Bottom line, dear vodka lovers, if you want to taste a bit of Moscow with a dash of Latvian charm, Moskovskaya Osobaya is your go-to. It's not just special; it's 'Osobaya' special.


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