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Goalong Distillery 5-year Aged Single Malt Whiskey, China

Goalong Distillery 5-year Aged Single Malt Whiskey, China

Go along Distillery's 5-Year-Aged Single Malt Whiskey: Bridging Tradition and Modernity.

A Pioneer in Chinese Whiskey

Goalong Distillery is a testament to innovation and tradition, representing the forefront of Chinese whiskey making. With its 5-year aged Single Malt Whiskey, Goalong has established itself as the first large-scale single malt whisky distillery in China and marked a significant milestone by becoming the first Chinese single malt to be exported to the U.S.

Crafted with Precision

The creation of Goalong's single malt whiskey adheres to a meticulous process that begins with the traditional grinding of malt, followed by saccharification and a precise 72-hour fermentation at a constant 16 degrees Celsius. This careful attention to detail ensures the whiskey develops its characteristic soft and mellow entrance, setting the stage for a rich and mellow-tasting experience.

Triple Distillation for Purity

Employing a traditional kettle-type distillation machine, the whiskey is distilled three times, allowing for the natural aromas of plants to be absorbed during the aging process in oak barrels. This method imbues the whiskey with a beautiful amber color and softens the intense stimulation typically associated with high-concentration alcohol.

A Symphony of Flavors

On the nose, Goalong's 5-year-old Single Malt Whiskey presents a delightful array of toffee apples, butterscotch haystacks, peonies, and orange wedges, creating a light and sweet introduction. The palate unfolds with layers of candied rose petals, citrus peel, vanilla pudding pop, green banana, and pencil shavings woven together to form a complex yet approachable flavor profile. Despite its velvety texture, the whiskey's flavors leave a subtle impression, concluding with a vanilla and sweet oak finish that gently fades.

An Emblem of Chinese Whiskey Excellence

Go along with Distillery's commitment to producing pure malt whiskey, distilled and aged in oak barrels for at least 5 years, which signifies a bold step forward in the global whiskey scene. This whiskey not only showcases the Distillery's dedication to quality and craftsmanship but also represents a bridge between the rich traditions of whiskey making and the unique terroir of China.

Celebrating a Milestone

As the first Chinese single malt to be exported to the U.S., Goalong's 5-year-old Single Malt Whiskey invites enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike to explore a new horizon of whiskey. It's a celebration of the Distillery's pioneering spirit and a tribute to the rich, nuanced world of single malt whiskey, crafted with care and passion in the heart of China.


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