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El Bandito Yankee

El Bandido Yankee Tequila Blanco, Jalisco, Mexico

El Bandido Yankee Tequila Blanco, Jalisco, Mexico

El Bandido 'Yankee' Tequila Blanco

Jalisco, Mexico


El Bandido' Yankee' Tequila Blanco captures the spirit of Jalisco's wild heart through its pure, robust flavors and the audacious spirit of its creators. Crafted at the historic El Viejito Distillery, this tequila embodies a blend of rebellion and refinement, offering a velvety smooth sipping experience that tempts the outlaw in us all.

Product Details

  • ABV: 40%
  • Volume: 750ml
  • NOM: 1107
  • Produced at: El Viejito Distillery, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Agave Type: 100% Tequilana Weber
  • Agave Region: Jalisco (Los Altos)
  • Cooking Method: Stone/Brick Ovens
  • Extraction Method: Roller Mill
  • Fermentation: Stainless steel tanks, closed fermentation, without fibers
  • Distillation: Twice distilled in Stainless/Copper Hybrid stills
  • Aging: None (Blanco)
  • Certifications: 100% Additive-Free (Tequila Matchmaker's Confirmed Additive-Free program)

Sensory Description

On the nose, El Bandido' Yankee' exudes aromas of baked agave, fresh citrus fruits, and a hint of wet cement intermingled with refreshing mint. The palate delights with baked agave, mint, black pepper, cinnamon, and a vibrant citrus peel zest. This tequila finishes crisply, leaving an elegantly pure expression of agave tinged with subtle notes of citrus, pepper, vanilla, and a buttery texture.

The Winemaker's Background

Helmed by a female master distiller, El Bandido Yankee Tequila Blanco is crafted using traditional techniques passed down through generations. The distillery champions the true art of tequila making, focusing on organic, hand-selected mature agave and employing methods like aeration to enhance the spirit's silky texture. The founders, Jim Bob Morris and Chris Chelios infuse their adventurous, spirited ethos into every bottle, celebrating the authentic, uncompromised taste of premium tequila.

Serving Suggestions

El Bandido' Yankee' is perfect for enjoying neat, on the rocks, or as a distinguished base in crafted cocktails. For a truly refreshing experience, serve chilled at 60-64°F and pair with light appetizers like ceviche or a platter of assorted cheeses to complement its clean, crisp profile.

Experience the boldness of El Bandido' Yankee' Tequila Blanco—a truly ultra-premium, criminally smooth spirit that's both an ode to tradition and a toast to the free-spirited.


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