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Denver Beer Co.

Denver Beer Company 'Princess Yum Yum' Raspberry Kolsch

Denver Beer Company 'Princess Yum Yum' Raspberry Kolsch

🍺 Denver Beer Co' Princess Yum Yum' Raspberry Kolsch: A Royal Treat for Your Taste Buds 🌸

Hello, Denver! Ready to add a splash of color and flavor to your beer experience? Meet the Denver Beer Co' Princess Yum Yum' Raspberry Kolsch – a beer that's as fun and vibrant as a sunny Denver summer day.

Embrace Your Inner Princess: This isn't just a beer; it's a celebration of the pretty pink princess in all of us. Packed with vast additions of delicious raspberries, 'Princess Yum Yum' is a slightly tart, super refreshing brew wrapped in an easy-drinking, ruby red package.

Flavor Fit for Royalty: Imagine sipping on the essence of summer – each gulp of this Raspberry Kolsch is a delightful dance of fruity tartness and crisp refreshment. It's the perfect beer for something light, fun, and fancy.

Award-Winning Pedigree: But don't let its playful name fool you – 'Princess Yum Yum' is a severe contender in the beer world. It's a silver medalist at the 2018 European Beer Star and a gold medalist at the 2018 Australian International Beer Awards, with even more shiny accolades. This brew is no damsel in distress; it's a hero in its own right.

Sustainable and Local: Proudly brewed and canned in Colorado using 100% solar power, 'Princess Yum Yum' is as environmentally friendly as it is delicious. And with real raspberries in every sip, you're tasting the natural bounty of our beautiful state.

Year-Round Refreshment: Good news – you don't have to wait for summer to enjoy this Kolsch. Available year-round, 'Princess Yum Yum' is here to brighten your days, no matter the season.

Get Yours Today: Whether you're lounging at the park, hosting a backyard BBQ, or just chilling at home, add the 'Princess Yum Yum' Raspberry Kolsch to your beer lineup. It's the perfect way to add a touch of royal flair to your everyday beer drinking.

Cheers to the fun, the fruity, and the fabulous! Here's to enjoying every sip of life, Denver style. 🍻🌺✨


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