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Deep Eddy

Deep Eddy Real Lime Vodka, Texas

Deep Eddy Real Lime Vodka, Texas

Deep Eddy Real Lime Vodka

The Zesty Essence of Texas

Capturing the vibrant spirit of Austin's renowned swimming hole, Deep Eddy Real Lime Vodka celebrates community and the never-ending good times it inspires. Crafted with the same dedication as their Original award-winning vodka, Deep Eddy infuses real lime juice and a touch of pure cane sugar, resulting in a delightful balance of sweet and tart.


  • Calories: 67 per serving
  • Sugar: 3g per serving
  • Carbs: 3g per serving
  • Distillation: 10 times for exceptional smoothness
  • Gluten-Free: Suitable for a gluten-free lifestyle

Established in 2010, Deep Eddy Vodka is more than a brand; it's a gathering place for friends and soon-to-be friends, a centerpiece for shared experiences, whether a casual backyard hangout, a lively bar patio, or the heart of music festivals.

Tasting Notes and Experience:

Deep Eddy Real Lime Vodka offers a refreshing twist with its natural lime flavor that is both zesty and invigorating. The light sweetness is perfectly balanced with the tartness of the lime, making it an ideal base for a variety of cocktails or simply enjoyed over ice.

Our Story:

Deep Eddy Vodka's philosophy is simple: great vodka means excellent times. The brand is a tribute to the carefree enjoyment of life, bringing people together through the love of well-crafted spirits and the universal desire for connection.

Mixing and Pairing:

The versatility of Deep Eddy Real Lime Vodka shines when mixed into your favorite cocktails. It's specially crafted for those who appreciate a zestful twist to their drinks, perfect for a classic vodka tonic or a creative concoction like the recommended Strawberry Limeade.

Recommended Cocktail - Strawberry Limeade:

For a fruity refreshment, muddle two strawberries with simple syrup in a shaker. Add Deep Eddy Real Lime Vodka and lime juice, then shake and double strain into a sugar-rimmed glass over fresh ice. The result is a tantalizing drink that's as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate, embodying the joyous spirit of Deep Eddy Vodka.

With Deep Eddy Real Lime Vodka, every sip is an invitation to relax, unwind, and enjoy the moment, Texas-style.


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