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J&L Distilling Co.

J&L Distilling 'Sno' Vodka, Boulder, Colorado

J&L Distilling 'Sno' Vodka, Boulder, Colorado

The Spirit of Innovation: J&L Distilling's 'Sno' Vodka

Where Science Enhances Spirit

Nestled in the innovative heart of Boulder, Colorado, J&L Distilling is a testament to the fusion of scientific ingenuity and artisanal spirit crafting. Led by the dynamic duo of Seth Johnson and Justin Lee, scientists with a passion for distillation, J&L Distilling's approach is anything but conventional. Their bespoke distillery setup—a marvel of engineering creativity—underscores a philosophy where art and science converge to create spirits of exceptional quality.

Craftsmanship Beyond Convention

'Sno' Vodka, the distillery's signature offering, epitomizes their commitment to foundational excellence. Distilled from the finest cane molasses, this vodka challenges preconceived notions, presenting a spirit that is both pure and characterful. Rejecting the industry norm of using bulk grain neutral spirits, Johnson and Lee ensure that 'Sno' Vodka begins its journey with a base of unmatched quality, resulting in a final product that stands on its own.

'Sno' Vodka: A Profile of Purity

  • Proof: 80 Proof
  • Aroma: While some may catch hints of its robust nature, akin to rubbing alcohol, 'Sno' Vodka surprises with underlying notes of vanilla and caramelized banana, offering a complexity often unexplored in vodka.
  • Palate: 'Sno' Vodka defies expectations with its smooth and integrated profile. Far from the neutral, characterless vodkas, it presents a subtle taste reminiscent of white rum, enriched with flavors of vanilla and a hint of caramelized banana.
  • Finish: The vodka's exceptional smoothness belies its strength, making it dangerously enjoyable and setting a new standard for what vodka can be.

Beyond the Bottle

J&L Distilling's 'Sno' Vodka is more than just a spirit; it's a declaration of the distillery's relentless pursuit of innovation. By applying their physics and chemical engineering backgrounds, Johnson and Lee have distilled a spirit and the essence of their philosophy: that the best spirits arise from the intersection of scientific precision and creative artistry.

A Vodka Redefined

For those who appreciate the subtleties of premium vodka, 'Sno' Vodka is a revelation. It challenges the drinker to reconsider their expectations, offering a sophisticated and versatile spirit. Whether enjoyed neat, as a base for a complex cocktail, or simply over ice, 'Sno' Vodka delivers an experience that transcends the ordinary, embodying the innovative spirit of its Boulder roots. As J&L Distilling continues to explore and expand its spirit offerings, 'Sno' Vodka remains a cornerstone of its commitment to excellence and innovation in the craft distilling landscape.


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