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4-Bottle Wine Club

bottles of wine in a wine rack

Hey Hey Hey! We've got a wine club that's simple, serves up premium wines ($15 - $20 per bottle), and gets you first access to our events and allocated products.

Explore your palate with a varying 4-bottle monthly box of red wine, OR be the adventurous and let us select for you; you'll get red wine, maybe white, or rosé, even sparkling if we're feelin' fancy - whatever we're really digging that month you'll be introduced to - you're welcome.


Get 10% off everything in-store or online with your membership. 


Pick-up your box on the 1st of the month - we'll send you an email reminder so there's no chance you'll forget. Pick a box (all red or mixed) and fill out the information below to get started!

Join the Wine Dispensary Wine Club for $79.99 a month - we know you're thirsty. 

By signing up for your wine club you are verifying you are 21+ years of age, and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

Need to cancel or suspend your wine club membership? Click Here.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I buy more of a wine I really liked from my box?
    • We make this super easy for you. Every bottle will arrive with a Wine Description card conveniently located on the neck of the bottle. Each card will be equipped with a QR code you can scan with a QR code scanner app (free to download), or if you have a fancy iPhone 11 you can just scan automatically with your camera. After scanning this code, you will be taken directly to our online store well you can purchase as many bottles as you’d like! Note: you need to be connected to wifi to make sure everything works seamlessly.
    • If you’re having a tough time making this happen, give us a call and we’re happy to help get you to the right place. Our goal is to make wine buying as easy as possible.
  • How do I know when my wine is ready for pick up?
    • We’ll send you an email reminder every month when your wine is ready - we have set days and times in which to pick up your wine. If for some reason you can’t pick up the wine in our designated times, contact us directly at or 303.832.8007 and we’ll find a time that works for both of us!
  • How should I store my wine?
    • Wine is best stored between 50-55°F in a dark area. We recommend investing in a wine cellar or wine fridge if you don’t have one already to make sure your wines are always in tip top shape, and ready for you to enjoy.
  • What if I don’t like a bottle I received?
    • Our wine club is designed to offer members wines that they may have never heard of or never tried on their own. As a result, there may be some wines you do not care for -- this is all part of the wine and palate discovery process. Keep drinking and cheers!
  • What perks do I get from joining the Wine Dispensary wine club?
    • Exclusive invites to Wine Dispensary hosted events
    • 10% off all wine orders in our store or online
    • First access to allocated wine, beer, and spirits
  • How do I suspend my subscription?
      • Please click here to navigate to our suspension page. Fill our the form in its entirety so we may process your request.
      • A wine club suspension requires a 30-day notice from your card bill date.
      • Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss your membership at or 303.832.8007
    • How do I cancel my subscription?
      • O no! We hate to see you go. If something didn’t go quite as you expected please contact us directly at or 303.832.8007 so we can discuss with you in-person to resolve any and all issues. If you must leave us, please click here and fill out our cancellation form. 
      • Please click here to navigate to our cancellation page. Fill our the form in its entirety so we may process your request.
      • A wine club cancellation requires a 30-day notice, from your card bill date.
    • How do I exchange a flawed bottle of wine and what happens?
      • Contact us regarding your flawed or possibly flawed bottle of wine. Bring your bottle into our location (sooner rather than later) so we can get you a new one! It’s really that easy. We asked that you provide proof of purchase or purchase date as well as the true original wine in all its original packaging (including the cork or closure). Please see our flawed bottle policy and our bottle replacement policy for all details regarding timelines and accepted flaws.