Crooked Stave Brewing Co.

Founded in Denver, Colorado, in late 2010, Crooked Stave is the brainchild of Chad Yakobson, a brewmaster renowned for his expertise with Brettanomyces yeast. Chad's groundbreaking Master’s thesis, "The Brettanomyces Project," laid the foundation for Crooked Stave's innovative approach to brewing. By publishing his research as an open-source resource, Chad provided valuable insights into the use of Brettanomyces yeast, fostering a deeper understanding and widespread application within the brewing industry.

Crooked Stave is a name that reflects the brewery's deep connection to barrel-aging. The term "stave" refers to the wooden slats that make up a barrel, symbolizing the close relationship between their beers and the barrels they mature in. This dedication to barrel-aged brewing results in unique, complex beers that stand out for their creativity and quality.

Crooked Stave specializes in producing specialty Brettanomyces-only, wild, sour, and barrel-aged beers. Their progressive brewing techniques blend scientific precision with artistic creativity, resulting in beers of extraordinary complexity and character. From their inception, Crooked Stave has set its own path, consistently pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing to create distinctive, memorable beers.

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