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Santa Barbara Olive Co.

Santa Barbara Olive Co. Olives

Santa Barbara Olive Co. Olives

Olive Elegance: The Santa Barbara Olive Co. Symphony

History and Pedigree:

Nestled in the heart of Southern California, Santa Barbara Olive Co. is steeped in a tradition that dates back to 1850, crafting the finest gourmet olives with a passion that has spanned over a century. As pioneers, they introduced the first certified-organic olive, setting a new standard for excellence. Their devotion to quality is evident in every olive they produce, from careful selection to the perfect marriage of flavors in their hand-stuffed varieties.

Production Highlights:

Embracing the sun-kissed climate of Southern California, Santa Barbara Olive Co. olives are a testament to the art of perfection. Each olive is meticulously selected for its shape, color, and size, ensuring only the best make it into their jars. This commitment to quality extends to their innovative stuffing techniques, where Gilroy garlic, bold blue cheese, and California pimento come together to create olives that are not just food but a culinary experience.

Sensory Perception:

Santa Barbara Olive Co. olives are a symphony of flavors and textures. The garlic-stuffed olives burst with a robust and aromatic profile, perfect for enhancing the savory notes of a dirty martini or adding depth to pasta dishes. The blue cheese-stuffed olives offer a creamy, tangy zest, while the pimento-stuffed olives bring a subtle sweetness and brightness, making them versatile for various culinary delights.

Pairings and Occasions:

These olives shine in the spotlight of cocktail innovation and gourmet snacking. For a twist on the classic martini, the garlic-stuffed olives add complexity to the Dirty Lemon Basil Martini, while the Mediterranean Olive Tapenade, featuring Kalamata olives, becomes a star appetizer. The Massimo Bond Martini, with its olive oil gin and Taggiasca olive garnish, showcases the versatility and sophistication of Santa Barbara Olive Co.'s offerings. These olives are not just accompaniments but critical players in elevating dishes and drinks for any occasion, from casual gatherings to elegant celebrations.

Cocktail Craftsmanship:

  • Dirty Lemon Basil Martini: A vibrant mix of basil, lemon vodka, and olive juice, garnished with Santa Barbara's Spanish Queen Martini Olives.
  • Mediterranean Olive Tapenade: A rich blend of Kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and cream cheese, perfect for spreading on toasted bread.
  • Massimo Bond Martini: An innovative cocktail featuring olive oil gin and a delicate Taggiasca olive, embodying the essence of luxury and refinement.

Santa Barbara Olive Co.'s hand-stuffed olives are not just ingredients; they are a journey through time, from ancient Mediterranean groves to modern-day Southern California, embodying a legacy of quality, innovation, and culinary excellence.


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