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Origen Raiz del Espiritu

Origen Raiz del Espiritu 'Cenizo Mezcal con Pecho de Venado' Mezcal, Durango, Mexico

Origen Raiz del Espiritu 'Cenizo Mezcal con Pecho de Venado' Mezcal, Durango, Mexico

Spirit of the Highlands: Origen Raiz del Espiritu 'Cenizo Mezcal con Pecho de Venado'

Embark on a journey to the highlands of Durango, Mexico, with Origen Raiz del Espiritu 'Cenizo Mezcal con Pecho de Venado,' a mezcal that captures the essence of its unique terroir. Crafted from the frost-resistant agave Durangensis, known locally as ash maguey, this spirit embodies the region's rugged beauty and rich biodiversity, offering a sip of Durango's soul in every bottle.

History and Pedigree

Origen Raíz del Espiritu Mezcal represents a harmonious blend of two families' legacies: the Saravia family of Durango, known for their efforts to boost the local economy, and the Cortés family of Oaxaca, with six generations of mezcal production knowledge. This partnership, forged by Asis Cortés and Bildo Saravia, unites tradition and passion, bringing together the best of both worlds to produce a mezcal that is as rich in heritage as it is in flavor.

Production Highlights

The 'Cenizo Mezcal con Pecho de Venado' is meticulously crafted by mezcalero Ignacio Grijalva Santiago, alongside Cosme Gabriel Simental and Noe Ramirez Varela, at Rancho El Ojo. Situated near the Sierra de Órganos National Park and at an elevation of 6,350 feet, the ranch's environment plays a crucial role in developing the agave's unique profile. The production process involves traditional methods such as smoking the agave in underground ovens, crushing by a mule-drawn tahona, fermenting in open-air oak tanks, and double distillation in copper stills, ensuring a mezcal of unparalleled purity and depth.

Product Details

Origen Raiz del Espiritu 'Cenizo Mezcal con Pecho de Venado' is a joven (young) mezcal with an ABV of 48%, distilled from 10-14 year old agave plants. Each bottle is a testament to the dedication and skill of the mezcaleros, who oversee the growth and maturation of the agave, adapting to the changing seasons and climates to produce mezcal of the highest quality.

Sensory Perception

This mezcal presents a complex and intense profile, marked by the distinct characteristics of the Cenizo agave. Durango's high altitude and specific conditions impart a unique flavor to the spirit, with a smooth yet robust body that carries subtle hints of the wild flora surrounding Rancho El Ojo. The artisanal production methods contribute to its rich, earthy notes, balanced with a crisp clarity that makes it a distinguished sipper.

Pairings and Occasions

Origen Raiz 'Cenizo Mezcal con Pecho de Venado' is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed neat, allowing its intricate flavors to shine. It also serves as an exceptional base for sophisticated cocktails, adding depth and character. This mezcal is perfect for special occasions, reflecting a deep appreciation for artisanal spirits or as a memorable gift for connoisseurs seeking to explore the diverse landscape of mezcal.

Origen Raiz del Espiritu 'Cenizo Mezcal con Pecho de Venado' is more than a mezcal; it's a celebration of Mexican culture, tradition, and the art of mezcal making. From the frost-resistant agave of Durango's highlands to the expert hands of its creators, every sip offers a taste of the spirit's rich origins and the passion that brings it to life.


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