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Konteki 'Pearls of Simplicity' Junmai Daiginjo Sake, Japan

Konteki 'Pearls of Simplicity' Junmai Daiginjo Sake, Japan

Elegance Redefined: Konteki 'Pearls of Simplicity' Junmai Daiginjo

History and Pedigree: Inspired by Zen Buddhism and "wabi-sabi," Konteki 'Pearls of Simplicity' is a testament to understated beauty. This sake, one of two crafted with identical methods yet distinct in essence, embodies the serenity of a simple strand of pearls.

Production Highlights: Crafted from the esteemed Yamada Nishiki rice, grown by the revered Masayasu Tanaka and nurtured by the soft, pure waters of Fushimi Mizu, Kyoto—the heartland of sake.

Product Details: With a seimaibuai (rice polishing ratio) of 50%, this Junmai Daiginjo boasts an alcohol content of 15.5%, balancing delicacy and strength.

Sensory Perception: Experience a symphony of white flowers and Asian pear aromas, leading to a gracefully rich minerality and rice texture finish. It's a masterclass in subtlety, less about bold aromatics and more about nuanced elegance.

Pairings and Occasions: Ideal for sipping, 'Pearls of Simplicity' finds its perfect match in the delicate flavors of scallops, pork, and light meats, enhancing every meal's refined character.

This sake is more than just a beverage; it's a journey into the heart of Japanese craftsmanship, where every sip evokes the purity and simplicity of Zen aesthetics.


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