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J&L Distilling Co.

J&L Distilling 'Sno' Gin, Boulder, Colorado

J&L Distilling 'Sno' Gin, Boulder, Colorado

Science Meets Spirits: J&L Distilling's 'Sno' Gin

Innovators at the Still

At the heart of Boulder, Colorado, J&L Distilling emerges as a beacon of innovation in the craft spirits industry. Spearheaded by Seth Johnson and Justin Lee, a duo of scientists turned distillers, J&L Distilling marries the precision of science with the art of spirit production. Their distillery, equipped with a Frankenstein-esque assembly of temperature controllers, fluid filters, and a bespoke still, epitomizes their commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional distilling.

A Fusion of Engineering and Artistry

The distillery's flagship spirits - 'Sno' Vodka, 'Sno' Gin, and 'Fyr' Liqueur - testify to their philosophy that great spirits begin with exceptional base ingredients. Distilled from cane molasses, 'Sno' Vodka sets a high bar for purity and smoothness, challenging the notion that vodka must be neutral and characterless. This meticulous attention to the foundation extends to their 'Sno' Gin, crafted with a higher essential oil content from botanicals, resulting in a unique, cloud-inducing mix with water or tonic.

'Sno' Gin: A Connoisseur's Delight

  • Proof: 94 Proof
  • Nose: A robust scent of fresh pine invites a sensory journey to the heart of a verdant forest.
  • Palate: Dominated by juniper, the gin offers an immersive experience akin to "licking a Christmas tree," with a bold, unapologetic embrace of the juniper lover's palate.
  • Finish: The gin's complexity shines in cocktails, where its botanical richness plays well with other ingredients, especially in a carefully crafted Negroni, revealing unexpected notes of malt and chocolate.

Artistic Craftsmanship and Future Endeavors

Beyond their current offerings, J&L Distilling's vision includes expanding their spirit repertoire to bourbon, rum, and absinthe, showcasing their relentless pursuit of distilling perfection. Their limited production, self-financed operations, and innovative spirit have positioned J&L as a notable presence in the craft distilling world.

A Toast to Innovation

J&L Distilling's 'Sno' Gin is not just a spirit; it's a declaration of the beautiful synergy between science and art in pursuing exceptional spirits. For those seeking a gin that stands apart in its boldness and purity, Sno Gin offers an experience that is as memorable as delicious. As J&L Distilling continues to explore new frontiers in spirit production, their creations remain a testament to the endless possibilities when curiosity meets craftsmanship.


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