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C. Ferrand Planteray

C. Ferrand Planteray 'Xaymaca' Special Dry Jamaican Rum

C. Ferrand Planteray 'Xaymaca' Special Dry Jamaican Rum

C. Ferrand Planteray' Xaymaca' Special Dry Jamaican Rum

Echoes of Ancient Elixirs

From the rich soils and vibrant culture of Jamaica emerges the C. Ferrand Planteray' Xaymaca' Special Dry, a testament to the island's rum-making heritage. This 100% pot still Jamaican rum captures the essence of 19th-century distillation techniques, embodying the legendary "Rum Funk" with its robust flavors of flambéed pineapple and black banana. Alexandre Gabriel, the mastermind behind this revival, infuses this spirit with the intense, almost animalistic flavors reminiscent of Jamaica's rich terroir and the historical depth of its rum traditions.

Product Details:

  • Origin: Jamaica
  • Distilleries: Clarendon and Long Pond
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 43%
  • Raw Material: Molasses
  • Fermentation Duration: 1 and 3 weeks
  • Distillation Equipment:
    • Clarendon: Pot Still (Vendôme)
    • Long Pond: Pot Still (John Dore)
  • Ageing:
    • Tropical: 1-3 years in Bourbon casks
    • Continental: 1 year in Ferrand casks

A Symphony of Sensory Delights

The nose of C. Ferrand Planteray' Xaymaca' Special Dry offers a complex bouquet of smoky, meaty notes intertwined with hints of vanilla, cooked banana, and bitter orange peel. On the palate, it evolves into a floral and fruity medley featuring nuances of rose water, soursop, pear, and white grape, accented by coconut milk and a spicy mix of allspice and nuts.

Roots of Reverence

The inception of C. Ferrand Planteray' Xaymaca' Special Dry is deeply intertwined with the history and culture of its land. Owning a significant stake in Jamaica's revered "Long Pond" and "Clarendon" distilleries has enabled Alexandre Gabriel to realize his long-held dream: to craft a rum that pays homage to the ancestral spirit-making traditions of Jamaica, reviving the authentic pot still methods once prevalent across the island.

A Celebratory Sip:

Perfect for savoring neat like a fine dry whisky, C. Ferrand Planteray' Xaymaca' Special Dry also shines in cocktails. The signature Xaymaca Collins epitomizes refreshment—just combine 5 parts rum, 2 parts simple syrup, and 2 parts lime juice over ice, stir, top with soda, and enjoy. Dive into this exquisite blend and experience a piece of Jamaica's soul, ideal for both rum aficionados and adventurous novices alike.


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