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C. Ferrand Plantation

C. Ferrand Planteray '3 Stars' Artisanal White Rum, The Caribbean

C. Ferrand Planteray '3 Stars' Artisanal White Rum, The Caribbean

C. Ferrand Plantation '3 Stars' Artisanal White Rum

The Artisanal Symphony of the Caribbean

Crafted with an artisan's touch and a connoisseur's precision, the C. Ferrand Plantation '3 Stars' Artisanal White Rum is a masterful blend that pays homage to the rich rum heritage of the Caribbean. Distilled from the finest molasses and drawing from the unique terroirs of Barbados, Trinidad, and Jamaica, this rum encapsulates the spirit of its origins with unmatched elegance and complexity.


  • Alcohol Volume: 41.2%
  • Origin: Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica
  • Raw Material: Molasses
  • Fermentation: Barbados & Trinidad: 72 hours, Jamaica: 2 weeks
  • Distillation: Barbados (Twin Column and Pot Still), Trinidad (Column Still), Jamaica (Pot Still - John Dore)
  • Aging: A nuanced blend of unaged Barbados and Jamaica rums, Trinidad rum aged 2-3 years, with a touch of Jamaica 10-year-old
  • Volatile Substances: 60 g/hL AA
  • Dosage: 9 g/L
  • Cane Sugar Caramel E150a (% vol): No caramel added

Tasting Notes:

Upon the first encounter, the '3 Stars' offers delicate scents of brown sugar, honey, and coffee beans, which gracefully evolve to reveal baking spices, vanilla, and cloves after further aeration. The palate is greeted with a biscuity entry, unfolding into a bittersweet, light-bodied midpalate adorned with dark chocolate, root beer, and egg cream notes. The finish is fast and refined, presenting this serious white rum at its grassy, herbal best.

Freshness and Complexity:

The '3 Stars' is not just a rum; it's a tribute to the historical rums of the Caribbean. It is a suave blend that balances Barbados's richness, Trinidad's finesse, and Jamaica's emphatic structure. Crafted under the passionate and curious eye of Alexandre Gabriel, this rum is a testament to the pursuit of perfection and the deep emotional connection that a superior rum can evoke.

About the Producer:

Alexandre Gabriel's journey with Maison Ferrand began in 1989, leading to a passionate exploration of the Caribbean in search of the finest rums. His dedication to authentic spirits that express the unique terroirs has been recognized globally, earning him accolades such as Master Rum Blender of the Year. Today, his vision and passion are embodied in Plantation Rum, reflecting the significant terroirs and cultures of rum across the Caribbean.

A Perfect Rum for Daiquiris:

The C. Ferrand Plantation '3 Stars' Artisanal White Rum is ideal for crafting the perfect Daiquiri. Its balance, freshness, and complexity elevate the classic cocktail to new heights, making it a must-have for enthusiasts seeking the ultimate expression of Caribbean rum craftsmanship.


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