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Bodegas Suau

Bodegas Suau Solera Liqueur Orange Brandy

Bodegas Suau Solera Liqueur Orange Brandy

"Mediterranean Muse: Suau Orange Solera Liqueur"

Quality and Craftsmanship:

Bodegas Suau's journey from its 19th-century Atlantic crossings to its establishment in Mallorca weaves a rich tapestry of heritage, innovation, and resilience. With a foundation rooted in the production of brandy, rum, and anise, Bodegas Suau has navigated through historical tumults, including the Spanish Civil War, to emerge as a beacon of high-quality distillates. The transition under the stewardship of the Barceló family marked a renaissance, blending tradition with modern sensibilities, culminating in the creation of Suau Orange, a testament to the distillery's enduring pursuit of excellence.

Production Highlights:

Suau Orange Liqueur is a masterful blend of tradition and local flavor, crafted exclusively with orange peels from Sóller, renowned for their distinct freshness and bitterness. This exquisite liqueur marries the venerable Brandy Suau with these meticulously macerated peels, following a solera method revered for producing spirits of unmatched complexity and depth. The resulting concoction is then aged for three months in American oak barrels, ensuring a harmonious balance of flavors and aromas, embodying the essence of Mallorca in every sip.

Sensory Perception:

  • Aspect: Dark amber, radiant, and free of suspended particles, presenting an inviting appearance.
  • Aroma: A symphony of aging wood and vibrant citrus notes, achieving a perfect equilibrium between the oxidized nuances of distilled wine spirits and citrus maceration's fresh, zesty character.
  • Taste: A delightful interplay of marked sweetness and matured spirits, punctuated by a subtle bitter orange and lemon zest reminiscent of wine fermentation and citrus maceration.
  • Feeling: Smooth on the palate, with a lingering sensation of aged grape distillate and the refreshing sweetness of orange, devoid of bitterness or harshness.

Pairings and Cocktail Recommendations:

Suau Orange Solera Liqueur excels as a standalone sipper and a versatile cocktail ingredient. Its rich, citrus-infused profile makes it an excellent companion to dark chocolate desserts or a bold, innovative twist in classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned or Margarita. For a refreshing aperitif, mix Suau Orange with tonic water and a splash of lime, or craft a "Mediterranean Mule" with ginger beer and a dash of lime juice, capturing the spirit of the Balearic Islands in each glass.


Suau Orange Solera Liqueur invites moments of leisure and celebration, perfect for enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle. Whether as a sophisticated digestif, a vibrant cocktail base at social gatherings, or a cherished gift among spirits aficionados, Suau Orange is a tribute to the legacy of Bodegas Suau and the sun-kissed orchards of Mallorca, offering a unique taste experience that bridges tradition and modernity.


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