2 Bottles? Or, 4 Bottles? That is the question!

Wine Dispensary is the leading place in Denver to get access to the best wines available in Colorado. Each month our team tastes 100s of wines. Only the best get set aside for our wine club members.

  • Special Selections

    The Wine Dispensary team tastes 100s of wines each month. We select and set aside only the best for our wine club members. Each selection represents the best wines in the store.

  • Somm Says™

    Each club wine features a free digital wine tasting game called Somm Says. This fun, social, educational digital tasting game is perfect for individuals or groups.

  • Discounts & Special Events

    Wine club members benefit from 10% of every order of $20 or more. Members are invited to exclusive events and have access to purchase allocation-only products.

Wine Club Gift Certificate Redemption

Yo! You made it. If you're here that means you're ready to cash in on that gift certificate you received. Fill out the form below and you'll be on the list to receive the next box of wine.

A few details about your new subscription: 

  • You'll choose between an all red or a mixed box of wine. The mixed will always include two bottles of red, and the other two are up to us: pink, white, bubbly, pink bubbly - whatever we're feeling that month.
  • Each box comes with 4 bottles of wine and tasting notes.
  • Your box of wine will be ready for pick up on the third week of the month - we'll send you an email that week so you can't forget. 
  • If you fill out this form after the 16th of the month at midnight, you will receive next months box. 

O yeah, we almost forgot! As a Wine Club member you get 10% off all purchases in-store or online - details provided straight to your inbox.


Have more questions? - See our Frequently Asked Questions Here. By signing up for your wine club and redeeming your gift certificate you are verifying you are 21+ years of age, and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.



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