Batch House Distillery

At Wine Dispensary, our love for Colorado-made spirits is unmatched, and we are beyond thrilled to be the exclusive retailer for Batch House Distillery's initial release. We are excited to feature exclusive Master Distiller tastings to celebrate this exceptional partnership.

Batch House Distillery started much like many small craft distilleries do. Greg Norris and Ken Hoyt began experimenting with different mash bills and various types of grains and cereals, all the while fine-tuning their distillation process. They quickly recognized the importance of quality ingredients, unique recipes, and an air-tight start-to-finish cooking process. Their partnership with Whiskey Sisters Supply ensured they were cooking with the best local Colorado grains and cereals. Initially working with small 5-gallon barrels, their dedication and passion for crafting fine spirits paid off as they grew their operations.

To bring Batch House Distillery’s Single Barrel 4-year Bourbon recipe to life, they partnered with experts in Kentucky, utilizing the state's famous limestone-enriched water. The bourbon, crafted with a mash bill of 71% Corn, 19% Rye, and 10% Malted Barley, is aged in Level 3 char American Oak barrels. These barrels are shipped to Colorado and aged in a local rickhouse, combining the best of both Kentucky and Colorado.

This journey from Kentucky to Colorado has culminated in a dark, bold Kentucky Single Barrel 4-year Bourbon that boasts tantalizing notes of cherry, oak, and vanilla. We hope you will enjoy Batch House Distillery’s Single Barrel 4-year Bourbon as much as we do.

Join us at Wine Dispensary to experience this unique blend of Kentucky tradition and Colorado innovation, and be part of our exclusive Master Distiller tastings.