2 Bottles? Or, 4 Bottles? That is the question!

Wine Dispensary is the leading place in Denver to get access to the best wines available in Colorado. Each month our team tastes 100s of wines. Only the best get set aside for our wine club members.

  • Special Selections

    The Wine Dispensary team tastes 100s of wines each month. We select and set aside only the best for our wine club members. Each selection represents the best wines in the store.

  • Somm Says™

    Each club wine features a free digital wine tasting game called Somm Says. This fun, social, educational digital tasting game is perfect for individuals or groups.

  • Discounts & Special Events

    Wine club members benefit from 10% of every order of $20 or more. Members are invited to exclusive events and have access to purchase allocation-only products.

About Us

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Find Your Next Favorite Wine at the Best Wine Shop & Liquor Store in Denver

The mission of the Wine Dispensary is to find the hidden and unique gems of the wine, beer, and booze world. Our Denver bottle store is conveniently located in the city, making it easy for you to drop in for your next bottle. We carry the top brands and hard-to-find wines, beers, and spirits. 

Find your next favorite at the Wine Dispensary in Denver. 

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The History Behind the Wine Dispensary 

The Wine Dispensary opened in 2015 after we realized that Denver residents needed a bottle shop that was more than just another retail storefront. People visit our bottle store to feel comfortable while exploring and learning about new flavors. 

The vibe behind the Wine Dispensary is cool and casual. We fight hard against the pretentiousness that some how inherently comes with wine drinkers. Our goal is always to help you find something you'll love. End of story. 

Our Offerings

We're a full-service bottle store that offers our customers booze for catered events, group tastings, alcohol delivery services in the Denver Metro area, wine club memberships, or for your night in with a movie and pizza. Our goal is to empower you to increase your alcohol knowledge through tasting anything you and everything you can get your hands on.

Explore your palate as you shop our varied selection of spirits, beer, and wine. 

The Wine Dispensary Wine Club

All you have to do is sign-up, sit back, and relax as you partake in our wine club. Each month you'll get a new box of wine that includes four different and expertly curated bottles. Choose between our all red wine box or go with the mixed box, we'll choose two reds and then include whatever we're feeling - white, sparkling, rosé, rosé sparkling -  the possibilities are endless!

We focus on finding unique, hidden gems for you.

We opened the doors to the Wine Dispensary in 2015 after realizing the need for a bottle shop that was more than just a retail store. We built Wine Dispensary to be a place where people can feel comfortable learning and exploring new flavors and tastes. We enjoy finding the hidden booze-related gems of the world, allowing everyone to explore value-driven items both inside- and outside-the-box.

We opened the Wine Dispensary as sort of ‘speakeasy’ bottle shop -- with zero signage for passers-by -- allowing us to discuss wine, beer, and spirits on a one-on-one basis. The Wine Dispensary is a full-service bottle shop that offers group tastings, booze for catered events, wine club memberships, and alcohol delivery services to the Denver Metro area. With a background in entertainment, we combined our floor-to-ceiling showcase room with our event space, game room, and rooftop patio because what’s more fun than throwing a party? We created an ‘underground’ space, so to speak, for people to enjoy their new-found tastes.

Wine Dispensary wants to empower consumers to increase their personal alcohol beverage knowledge through tasting anything and everything. We want people to be able to comfortably explore their palates through our varied selection of wine, beer, and spirits, and cheers to those experiences in our ‘Denver Speakeasy’ event space.


Meet Rob MacKenzie

President and Executive Sommelier


After taking and completing a series of wine and spirits classes with the International Wine & Spirits Guild in Denver Colorado, Rob Mackenzie fell in love and developed a personal passion for wine. Rob Mackenzie started his wine career after leaving the music industry as a stage manager for 14 years, working with variety of artists, including both Metallica and Michael Jackson.
As with most of us that discover the wine world, Rob fell in love quickly and decided to turn his new-found hobby into a business. A business where he could use his freshly acquired knowledge and pointed palate to help others find that next wine they didn’t even know they wanted.
Rob began assisting people in discovering their own palates by offering tastings and classes, and then sourcing the right wine for the right person. This puzzle, the element of fitting and finding all the wine pieces, led Rob to open the Wine Dispensary retail bottle shop in 2015.

“My goal is to develop individual and REAL relationships with everyone that comes in my shop.” – Rob Mackenzie

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Wine Club Selections

Wine Club Selections

We unabashedly prioritize our wine club members and set aside the best...