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Rod & Hammer's

Rod & Hammer's Canned Cocktails

Rod & Hammer's Canned Cocktails


Rod & Hammer's Whiskey Mule

Crafted in the spirit of California's bold and authentic flavors, Rod & Hammer's Whiskey Mule offers a refreshing twist on a classic. Made with a base of robust bourbon whiskey, this ready-to-drink cocktail marries the zesty tang of lime juice with the warm, spicy bite of ginger, creating a blend that's both invigorating and satisfying. Designed for convenience without compromise, it's perfect for enjoying chilled straight from the can or served over ice, ensuring a premium cocktail experience wherever you go. The tasting profile begins with a nose of bright citrus and ginger, leading to a palate of vibrant lime and a ginger spice that dances across the tongue, finishing with an effervescent and refreshing kick. Honored with a Bronze at the 2022 SF World Ready to Drink Competition, this 22 proof, 11% ABV concoction is a testament to the craft ingredients and all-natural flavors that define California's approach to whiskey.

Rod & Hammer's Whiskey Margarita

Introducing a Californian take on a timeless classic, Rod & Hammer's Whiskey Margarita blends the distinctive character of rye whiskey with the crispness of lime juice, the sweetness of agave, and a hint of salt. This full-strength, ready-to-drink cocktail encapsulates the essence of California's whiskey culture: true, bold, and undeniably authentic. Enjoy it chilled directly from the can or poured over ice for a refined on-the-go cocktail experience. The aroma entices with citrus and a whisper of smoke, leading into a taste profile that combines bright lime with the spicy undertones of rye, culminating in a refreshingly clean finish. Crafted to be 22 proof and containing 11% ABV, this whiskey margarita is a celebration of natural ingredients and craftsmanship, promising a premium and refreshing cocktail option for any occasion.


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