Gun Fighter, Double Cask Bourbon, Golden, Colorado

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Tasting Notes: 

The whiskey exhibits a smoothness accompanied by dried fruits - presumably from the port barrels they use to complete the aging process. A little nuttiness clamors around the tongue finishing it's journey with wine-like nuanaces. The fresh pine notes keep this whiskey just light enough to enjoy either by itself or even in a mixed drink - try it in a flip-style cocktail with both port and egg whites.  


Type: Bourbon Alc %: 50
Origin: Colorado  
Bottle/Can Size: 750ml




Producer Notes: 

Our Double-Cask Bourbon whiskey is aged for a minimum six months in new American oak casks, and then finished in used French oak casks that previously held California port-style wine. This gives the whiskey a unique smoothness and complexity that can be appreciated by both the whiskey aficionado and the new whiskey drinker. Bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV), and with an attractive price, Gun Fighter American Bourbon Whiskey - Double Cask is the ideal bourbon for both on-premise and off-premise customers alike, providing a premium bourbon at an affordable price.