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ElVelo Tequila Blanco, Jalisco, Mexico

ElVelo Tequila Blanco, Jalisco, Mexico

Elvelo Tequila Blanco

The Spirit of the Valley: A Bold Journey

In the heart of Jalisco's Tequila Valley, a region celebrated for its volcanic-rich soils, emerges Elvelo Tequila Blanco, a testament to the profound essence of its origin. This tequila is the fruit of a passionate collaboration between La Cofradia's second-generation Master Distiller, Carlos Hernandez Ramos, and visionary craft cocktail bartenders. Their shared ambition? To craft a tequila that not only stands tall in the revered lineage of Mexican spirits but also excels in the art of cocktail making, from the classic Margarita to the sophisticated Rosita.

Product Details:

  • Region: Jalisco (Los Valles), Single Estate
  • Agave Type: Tequilana Weber
  • Cooking Method: Stone/Brick Ovens
  • Extraction Method: Screw Mill
  • Fermentation: Open-air, in Stainless steel tanks
  • Distillation: Twice, in a Stainless Pot with a Copper Coil
  • ABV: 44.5% (89-proof)
  • Water Source: Natural spring water
  • Aging: Unaged to preserve purity and flavor
  • Special Notes: Aeration process, No additives, Confirmed Additive Free

Elvelo Tequila Blanco is a celebration of tradition and innovation. The meticulous selection of 100% Puro de Agave from the singular terroir of the Tequila Valley, combined with traditional cooking, extraction, and distillation methods, culminates in a spirit that is unadulterated, vibrant, and unmistakably bold. The higher proof of 44.5% ABV accentuates its BIG and BOLD Valley profile, making it an ideal base for crafting exquisite cocktails.

Under the guidance of Carlos Hernandez Ramos, a visionary with a deep-rooted legacy in the tequila industry, Elvelo epitomizes excellence. Carlos's journey from an engineer to the revered CEO of La Cofradia and his innovative contributions, like the "Sleep in a Barrel" hotel, reflect his dedication to enhancing the tequila experience. His approach combines the precision of engineering with the artistry of distillation, ensuring Elvelo's bold character and high quality.

A Celebratory Sip:

Elvelo Tequila Blanco's robust flavor profile makes it the perfect centerpiece for an array of cocktails. Celebrated by The New York Times as one of "The Best Blanco Tequilas" and acclaimed by for its "Big and Bold Agave flavor," Elvelo is designed to elevate your cocktail experience. Pair it with fresh, zesty ingredients to craft a Margarita that sings with clarity or a Paloma that dances with vibrancy. As we invite you to explore the boldness of Elvelo, we encourage you to savor each sip, embracing the spirit of innovation and tradition that defines this exceptional tequila.

In every bottle of Elvelo Tequila Blanco lies a journey through the volcanic soils of Jalisco, a story of collaboration and craftsmanship, and an invitation to celebrate the vibrant spirit of the valley. Cheers to the bold flavors, the innovation, and the timeless traditions that Elvelo embodies.


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