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Denver Beer Co.

Denver Beer Company 'Denver Gold' Amber Lager

Denver Beer Company 'Denver Gold' Amber Lager

🍺 Denver Beer Co 'Denver Gold' Amber Lager: Your Go-To Lager for Life's Little Victories 🏅

Hey Denver, ready to raise a glass to everyday wins? Introducing the Denver Beer Co 'Denver Gold' Amber Lager – a beer that's as golden as the Colorado sunshine and as satisfying as reaching the summit of a Rocky Mountain hike.

The Everyday Beer: We believe in celebrating the small stuff, and what better way than with a glass of our Denver Gold Amber Lager? It's crafted to be your go-to brew for any occasion, whether you're toasting a job well done, kicking back after a bike ride through the city, or just enjoying a moment of relaxation.

Gold Standard Flavor: This isn't just any lager; it's the gold standard. With its traditionally delicious, crisp amber character, each sip is a journey through rich, malted bliss. The finish? A subtle caramel sweetness mixes the crispness, creating a well-rounded, crushable beer.

Sessionable Sophistication: At 5.0% ABV, the Denver Gold Amber Lager is the perfect session beer. It's light enough to enjoy a few but flavorful enough to satisfy your craft beer cravings. This is a lager that's all about balance and approachability.

Award-Winning Credentials: We're not the only ones who think it's great. The Denver Gold has bagged not one but two bronze medals in 2018 – at the U.S. Open Beer Championship and the Best of Craft Beer Awards, both in the Vienna Lager category. This brew is a proven crowd-pleaser.

Available All Year Round: Good news, Denver! You don't have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy this amber delight. It's available year-round, ready to be your faithful companion through all Denver's seasons.

Grab a Pint or Pack: Whether you're gathering with friends at our brewery or stocking up for your next adventure, the Denver Gold Amber Lager is ready. Join the celebration of everyday triumphs with a beer as authentic and lively as the Mile-High City itself.

Here's to life's little victories and the beer that makes them even sweeter. Cheers, Denver! 🍻✨


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