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Bodegas Luzon 'Altos de Luzon' Monastrell, Jumilla, Spain

Bodegas Luzon 'Altos de Luzon' Monastrell, Jumilla, Spain

🍷 2019 Bodegas Luzon 'Altos de Luzon' Monastrell: A Spanish Marvel in Denver's Wine Collection 🏔️

Denver's wine enthusiasts have discovered the 2019 Bodegas Luzon 'Altos de Luzon' Monastrell, a remarkable expression of Spain's Jumilla region. This wine is a celebration of the unique terroir and the Monastrell grape's adaptability, bringing a piece of Spanish wine heritage to your glass.

A Tribute to Jumilla: The 'Altos de Luzon' embodies the hardy climate and rugged beauty of Jumilla, a region known for its challenging conditions but ideal for the Monastrell grape. This wine reflects the land's character and its people's spirit.

Tasting Journey: This red wine is characterized by its strong personality, with the Monastrell grape delivering a robust and flavorful experience. The wine boasts an alcohol content of 14.5% and has been aged 12 months in a mix of American and French oak barrels.

Perfect Pairings: Ideal with hearty dishes, this wine complements rich meats and mature cheeses, enhancing the flavors with its robust profile.

Your Denver Experience: The 2019 Bodegas Luzon 'Altos de Luzon' Monastrell is a perfect addition to a city known for appreciating diverse and quality wines. Whether for a special gathering or a quiet evening, this wine brings a touch of Spanish elegance to your table.

Embrace Spanish Excellence: Ready to explore the rich flavors of Spain's Jumilla region? Add this Monastrell to your collection and savor a wine that's as bold and beautiful as the Mile-High City itself. Cheers to the art of winemaking and the joy of discovery! 🍷✨


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