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Berringer Bros. Winery

Beringer Bros 'Bourbon Barrel Aged' Red Blend

Beringer Bros 'Bourbon Barrel Aged' Red Blend

🍷 2020 Beringer Bros 'Bourbon Barrel Aged' Red Blend, California: A Bold Fusion in Denver's Wine Collection 🏔️

Denver's wine enthusiasts prepare to indulge in the 2020 Beringer Bros 'Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Blend. This Californian gem uniquely intertwines the world of wine and spirits, offering an extraordinary tasting experience.

A Toast to Innovation: Beringer Bros 'Bourbon Barrel Aged' Red Blend pays homage to the winery's pioneering spirit. This wine is a nod to the early days when repurposing spirit barrels for wine aging was innovative, adding a new dimension to the wine's flavor profile.

Tasting Adventure: This red blend is a sensory delight, showcasing the rich aromas of ripe blackberry, roasted hazelnuts, and caramel. It boasts a full-bodied profile on the palate, with creamy mouthfeel, ripe tannins, and balanced acidity. The memorable finish features toasted hazelnut, coconut, violet, and black cherry notes.

Winemaking Craftsmanship: This red blend is carefully crafted, with a portion of the wine aged in second-pass charred American oak barrels previously used for Bourbon, infusing the wine with a unique richness and complexity.

Perfect Pairings: This wine is a versatile companion to various dishes, especially those with bold flavors like grilled meats, hearty stews, and aged cheeses.

Your Denver Experience: The Beringer Bros 'Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Blend perfectly fits a city that appreciates bold and innovative flavors. This wine adds a touch of Californian flair to any occasion, whether for a special celebration or a cozy night in.

Discover a Unique Blend: Ready to explore this fascinating fusion of wine and Bourbon barrel aging? Add the 2020 Beringer Bros 'Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Blend to your collection and experience a taste as adventurous and vibrant as the Mile-High City. Cheers to the art of winemaking and the spirit of innovation! 🍷✨


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