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Varvaglione '12 e Mezzo' Organic Primitivo, Puglia IGT, Italy

Varvaglione '12 e Mezzo' Organic Primitivo, Puglia IGT, Italy

Varvaglione '12 e Mezzo' Organic Primitivo 2020

Whispers of the South

Amidst Puglia's sun-drenched landscapes, just outside Taranto's historical town, lies Varvaglione Vigne & Vini, a beacon of viticultural heritage and innovation. The 2020 vintage of the '12 e Mezzo' Organic Primitivo is a testament to this legacy, embodying the essence of the Italian South with each meticulously crafted bottle.

Product Details:

  • Region: Puglia IGT, Italy
  • Varietal: Organic Primitivo
  • ABV: 12.5%

Crafted with devotion to the fertile soils of Taranto, this Primitivo mirrors the vibrancy and depth of Puglia. Varvaglione, with roots stretching back to 1921, harmonizes traditional methods with modern sensibilities under the vigilant stewardship of the Varvaglione family's fourth generation. The '12 e Mezzo' is a celebration of organic viticulture, drawing from 150 hectares of vineyards and a network of local growers to bring forth a wine that is as authentic as it is exquisite.

Upon the gaze, this Primitivo presents an intense red hue, laced with violet whispers that herald the freshness of red fruit within. A maceration process under controlled temperatures unfolds into a tapestry of aromas on the nose - currants and blackberries dance with notes of nutmeg, licorice, chocolate, and vanilla, a symphony released through brief refinement in French barrels.

A Palate Painted with Puglia

The taste journey of the '12 e Mezzo' Organic Primitivo is one of balance and elegance. Its modest alcohol content is masterfully supported by a subtly acidic structure, making each sip a prolonged embrace of flavors. The palate is left adorned with notes of coconut and a persistent fruitiness, a testament to the meticulous vinification process.

A Harmonious Ensemble

Varvaglione's dedication to crafting wines that resonate with the soul of Puglia extends through their diverse portfolio. The '12 e Mezzo' Organic Primitivo, part of this revered collection, is a bridge between the earth and the ethereal, inviting a pairing with pasta, white meats, and fresh cheeses to celebrate the full spectrum of its character.

A Celebratory Sip:

Embrace the '12 e Mezzo' Organic Primitivo 2020 as more than just a wine; it is a journey through the heart of Puglia, a sip of history, and a toast to the enduring bond between land and vine. Varvaglione Vigne & Vini invites you to partake in this legacy, where each bottle is a chapter in the ongoing story of Italian winemaking excellence.

In the embrace of the '12 e Mezzo' lies the spirit of the south - vibrant, enduring, and forever inviting discovery.


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