Meet Our Team

Our team consists of a passionate and ecclectic mix of boozy misfits just trying to bring the best beverages and beverage experience to our customers.


Based in Denver, Colorado, Sean is a dedicated, passionate wine and spirits enthusiast. Sean is our go-to source of knowledge when it comes to bringing the best wines into the store. Each month, Sean helps taste and procure 100s of wines and spirits.

Unofficially and Officially known as our resident Professor of Wine, Sean is continuously expanding our team's wine knowledge. Need to know what Kékfrankos is? Want to know more about Hugary's emerging wine scene? Sean is the right person to talk to on our small team.

When we let Sean take time away from the shop, he goes home to his true passion of traveling around to explore new food and wine pairings. Stop in and get a great recommendation for what to cook tonight, and how to pair it with a great bottle of truly unique, delicious wine.

What are you taking to a game-day BBQ with friends?

What are you bringing to a date-night dinner?

What are you grabbing for a weekend in the mountains with friends?

What's are you bringing to a picnic with friends in the park?