2 Bottles? Or, 4 Bottles? That is the question!

Wine Dispensary is the leading place in Denver to get access to the best wines available in Colorado. Each month our team tastes 100s of wines. Only the best get set aside for our wine club members.

  • Special Selections

    The Wine Dispensary team tastes 100s of wines each month. We select and set aside only the best for our wine club members. Each selection represents the best wines in the store.

  • Somm Says™

    Each club wine features a free digital wine tasting game called Somm Says. This fun, social, educational digital tasting game is perfect for individuals or groups.

  • Discounts & Special Events

    Wine club members benefit from 10% of every order of $20 or more. Members are invited to exclusive events and have access to purchase allocation-only products.

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        We want shopping for wine, beer, and spirits to be easy and convenient. Our credit card authorization form is a great way to streamline getting the booze from our store to your door when making repeated larger purchases for events or constantly restocking your cellar. Click below to access our form, keeping your card on file, so your next checkout is fast and easy.

        Download WD Credit Authorization Form

        *If you're making purchases through our online store, you do not need a credit card authorization form.

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        We unabashedly prioritize our wine club members and set aside the best...